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Dr. K K Pandey is the best pulmonologist, bronchoscopy, chest specialist, snoring specialist in Noida.


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BEST PULMONOLOGIST IN DELHI This article contains all the necessary information to make the readers aware of who is a pulmonologist and what does he do and how an expert pulmonologist can make life simple and disease free.millions of people worldwide are victims of Pulmonology which is a very dangerous disease. Due to the lack of knowledge of the disease in India thousands of people die each and every year but most of them do not even realize it. In fact the symptoms of this disease are so common that people dont even notice. But due to delayed treatment and negligence this disease proves deadly. How do pulmonology problems happen

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In the world full of pollution where the level of the pollutants in the air is increasing day by day and as per the WHO reports the air quality index AQI is dropping in the developing countries. As per the experts the quality of air is demeaning day by day especially in the metropolitan cities especially in Delhi NCR. Pollution is the 5th most common reason for killing and unwellness of the human being in Delhi where everybody inhales pollutants can cause severe and dangerous changes to the most vital and important structure of the body that is Respiratory System. As we are living in a world where technology is progressing at a very fast pace and every tech always comes with at the cost of environment and human lives. So in the world where getting a natural and fresh air is a bit task in the age of revolution everybody should be conscious. How They Can Be Treated

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These issues can be resolved with the help of an expert pulmonologist. A Pulmonologist is A Specialist who is an expert in the area of the lungs and respiratory system. As everybody is being direct exposure to the smoke smog and the different form of harmful chemicals which can cause irreparable damage to the body one should always seek professional advice with an expert. Pollution can cause simple symptoms like coughing to complicated choking breathlessness which can be an alarming situation where might have to rush to a doctor so it is advisable for a regular follow-up with the experts. These professionals basically experts who will take every possible measure to secure their patients from falling into a pothole of diseases by performing the various diagnostic as well the liver function and various allergy tests. The problems which sound very normal like not getting enough sleep can affect the health of the individual and in long term effects it can cause some serious issues like heart problems confusion Dilemma if left untreated. This kind of issues needs to be addressed to your doctor is necessary which can be diagnosed by your doctor with the help of sleep studies and other diagnostic tests and can be treated accordingly. There are numerous disease and its treatment like when somebody has a habit of smoking they might get into trouble in a long go in that case they need professional advice and as well the proper guidance. Nowadays respiration has become such a common problem even the newborns are being diagnosed with breathing difficulties which need immediate care for the further health of the baby. Interstitial lung disease can cause scarring of the lung tissues In this disease the tissue becomes so thick which makes it difficult for the person to breathe and in the consequences blood does not get sufficient oxygen which can create some tension.COPD emphysema is a chronic problem which sometimes life- threatening conditions require immediate treatment which can be done only by an experienced medical professional who knows the seriousness of the disease like Dr.k.k.pandey who is a ray of hope for the patients who have lost every hope. Nobody should be ignorant of their symptoms when they appear. If these symptoms make you more anxious than the person is advised to get in touch with the doctor immediately because if treated properly the symptoms can be cure with the main disease. Differentiation between asthma and lung fibrosis can be easily done through

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investigations like Pulmonary Function Test PFT Lung C.T. to detect the internal damage of the lung if there and accurately can be scanned. Any issues can be diagnosed with the help of advanced tech on an early stage with the help of bronchoscopy and other tests. Some problems can also spread from the lungs to the other part of the body which can also be treated under the supervision of the experts. DR. K. K. PANDEY DR. K. K. PANDEY is a very committed and professional doctor who knows his duty and always treats his patient with the utmost care and best and advanced treatments methods. Dr.pandey has pursued his MBBS from University College of Medical Sciences GTB Hospital Delhi India n the year of 1995 followed by his post graduationMD from a very renowned Vallabh Bhai Patel Chest Institute India in the year of 2000 is always ready to give society a healthy life as much possible with his experience of decades and expertise to treat every age of the patient and every kind of disease. He is

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a very acknowledged medical professional with the most renowned hospital YASHODA SUPER SPECIALTY HOSPITAL and Medical director at GALAXY HOSPITAL. Web :-

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