Know what is Teeth Straightening Surgery at Irving Orthodontics!


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If you want to straighten your teeth than there are here are a lot of treatment options these days, from retainers to clear aligners to invisible, metal, ceramic and micro brace. Book your Appointment with dentist Harper for beautiful smile. Call Today at 972.258.6462.


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Orthodontics Irving Texas Know what is Teeth Straightening Surgery at Irving Orthodontics WHAT IS ORTHODONTICS Everybody desires a grand smile but a lot of us need help for getting there beautiful Smile. And more people are having success with clear Irving orthodontic devices called aligners. If you have any crooked or misaligned teeth there are a variety of treatments available at Irving Dental Office that can help straighten teeth including braces Invisible braces also and retainers. Dr. Kimberly Harper DDS “Make your Smile Unique with Orthodontics Treatment at Irving Texas”

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Dentist Irving Tx Orthodontists Indications for Orthodontics Treatment When your teeth or jaws do not fit together properly in your mouth orthodontic treatment may be necessary to correct this problem. If you notice any of the following warning signs of in your child’s mouth it may be time to see an Irving orthodontist: Spacing between teeth Protruding teeth Upper Front Teeth Protrusion Teeth that do not meet or meet in an irregular way Crowding or misplaced teeth Difficulty biting or chewing Difficulties with speech

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Still not Sure What Treatment is good for your Child See the best Orthodontics Irving Texas Today Sometimes combining treatments is necessary to achieve your beautiful smile goals. If you’re doubtful about which treatments are right for you Contact Irving family dentist now to schedule an appointment with Dentist Harper. Dr. Kimberly Harper is an expert at Family dentistry procedures including teeth whitening Irving Texas and porcelain veneers Boding Toot Canal Treatment and Tooth Replacement etc. Call now at 972.258.6462 or visit our Irving dental office today. Contact Us at SMILES OF IRVING: DR. KIMBERLY HARPER DDS 3204 N. MACARTHUR BLVD SUITE C IRVING TX 75062 | 972 258-6462 Visit for more -

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