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about British born world cahangers


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They changed our world : 

They changed our world Dr.Kanam Sankara Pillai Source: Rodney Castleden “People Who Changed The World”

Sir Issac Newton1642-1727 : 

Sir Issac Newton1642-1727 Born in Lincolnshire Scientist of all times Mathematician Invented Steam engine,Calculus, Reflecting telescope Discovered Gravitation Astronomers,physicists and astronauts are highly indebted to him

Thomas Savery1650-1715 : 

Thomas Savery1650-1715 Inventor and military engineer Invented paddle-wheel,steam pump Initiated Industrial Revolution in England

Abraham Darby1678-1717 : 

Abraham Darby1678-1717 Born in Dudley in Worcesstershire Founded Bristol Iron Company First man to us ecock to smelt Iron

James Hutton1726-1797 : 

James Hutton1726-1797 Scottish Geologist and physical geographer Established a much more history for the earth than believed earlier

James Cook1728-1779 : 

James Cook1728-1779 Born in Cleveland in Yorkshire Discovered New Zealand,Cape York Kept crew healthy at sea for long periods

James Watt1736-1819 : 

James Watt1736-1819 Engineer,Civil Engineer and inventor Invented modern condensing steam engine Invented governor & Micrometer

Lord Horotio Nelson1758-1805 : 

Lord Horotio Nelson1758-1805

William Wilberforce1759-1833 : 

William Wilberforce1759-1833 Freer of slaves 750,000 slaves were freed by his effort

William Symington1763-1831 : 

William Symington1763-1831 Scottish Engineer born in Leadhills Invented paddle steamer,the first practical steam boat

Thomas Malthus1766-1834 : 

Thomas Malthus1766-1834 Contributed many ideas to modern economic theory Economist and clergy man Supplied Darwin with an explanation for evolution

Duke of Willington1769-1852 : 

Duke of Willington1769-1852 Soldier and statesman Victor of Waterloo

Richard Trevithick1771-1833 : 

Richard Trevithick1771-1833 Engineer and inventor Invented railway locomotive

Elizabeth Fry1780-1845 : 

Elizabeth Fry1780-1845 Prison reformer

Michael Faraday1791-1867 : 

Michael Faraday1791-1867 English chemist physicist Discovered induction of electric current Invented dynamo Discovered electromagnetic induction

Charles Darwin1809-1882 : 

Charles Darwin1809-1882 Discovered Theory of evolution by natural selection

Charles Dickens1812-1870 : 

Charles Dickens1812-1870 English Novelist born in Landport BOOKS Pickwick papers Oliver Twist Nicholas nickleby David Copperfield The Tale of Two Cities Great Expectations etc

Joseph Lister1827-1912 : 

Joseph Lister1827-1912 Born in Essex Surgeon Inventor of Antiseptic Surgery Founder British Institute of Preventive Medicine

John Boyd Dunlop1840-1921 : 

John Boyd Dunlop1840-1921 Scottish Veterinary Doctor Invented pneumatic bicycle tyre Made long distance travel by bicycle and car possible

Henry Morton Stanley1841-1904 : 

Henry Morton Stanley1841-1904 Explored Africa, the Dark Continent

Alexander Graham Bell1847-1922 : 

Alexander Graham Bell1847-1922 Born in Edinburgh Invented Telephone and Metal Detector

Oscar Wilde1854-1900 : 

Oscar Wilde1854-1900 Irish play writer,poet and wit

Bertrand Russell1872-1970 : 

Bertrand Russell1872-1970 Irish born philosopher,mathematician and peace campaigner

Winston Churchill1874-1965 : 

Winston Churchill1874-1965 British Prime Minister Inspiring War leader Books The Second World War(6 vol) History of the English-Speaking Peoples (4 vol) etc

Marie Stopes1880-1958 : 

Marie Stopes1880-1958 British Palaeobotanist Early advocate of Birth Control Opened the first birth control clinic in Britain

James Joyce1882-1941 : 

James Joyce1882-1941 Born in Dublin Invented the stream-of-consciousness novel BOOKS Dubliners Exiles Ulysses Finnergan’s Wake Stephen Hero

D.H.Lawrence1885-1930 : 

D.H.Lawrence1885-1930 Born in Eastwood The White Peacock The Trespasser Sons and Lovers Twilight in Italy The Lost Girl Lady Chatterley’s Lover

Charlie Chaplin1889-1977 : 

Charlie Chaplin1889-1977 Silent Film Comedian Born in Kennigton,London

Tim Berners-Lee1955 : 

Tim Berners-Lee1955 Born in London Educated in Emanuel School and Oxford Invented www , URL & HTL

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