Dr. Jim Gray Mississippi - Why Adopt a Dog


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Dr. Jim Gray Mississippi : Why Adopt a Dog?


Dr. Jim Gray Mississippi is a successful entrepreneur, business owner and radiologist who lives and works in Mississippi. Jim Gray Md Mississippi served the United States Army National Guard between 1996 and 2005, and today Jim Gray Md is a Medical Officer with the United States Army Reserve.


To his friends and family in Mississippi, Dr. Jim Gray Mississippi is much more than a radiologist. Jim Gray Md Mississippi is a compassionate, kind person who seeks to make a positive impact on the world. One of the ways he’s done this outside of a medical setting is by adopting dogs into his family instead of supporting puppy mills or breeders.


Each time Dr. Jim Gray Mississippi has visited shelters in and around Mississippi in search of a new furry friend, Jim Gray Md Mississippi is saved lives and brought joy to other living beings. Adopting a dog is also less expensive and gives you a better chance to know what the dog’s personality will be like. “I love pit bull dogs, [and] I rescue all my pets,” Jim Gray Md said in 2017.


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