Community Health Nurse in Disaster Management

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Community Health Nurse in Disaster Management:

Community Health Nurse in Disaster Management Disaster is an occurrence that causes damage, economic disruption, loss of human life and disorientation of health and health services on a scale sufficient to warrant an extraordinary response from outside the affected community or area.

Types of Disasters :

Types of Disasters There are two types of disasters: Natural disaster Man-made disaster Bonnet (1990) classifies disasters based on a numeric categorization which includes: 1) Minor disaster 2) Moderate disaster 3) Major disaster

Prevention :

Prevention Primary Prevention: Secondary Prevention: Tertiary Prevention:

Objectives of Disaster Nursing :

Objectives of Disaster Nursing To effectively reduce the impact of disaster on human life and health, To participate in the coordinated efforts of all groups to reduce loss of life, property damage, social and economic disruption, and To initiate rehabilitation

Stages of Disaster Management :

Stages of Disaster Management a) Personal preparedness: b) Professional preparedness: c) Community preparedness :

Role of Community Health Nurse :

Role of Community Health Nurse The role of Community Health Nurse in disaster management varies according to the different stages. Disaster preparedness: Facilitate preparation within the community and place of employment, Initiate and update disaster plan, ¨ Provide disaster educational programmes specific to the area, Organize disaster drills (Mass drills),


Provide an updated record of vulnerable population within the community. Educate the vulnerable population about what impact the disaster might have on them, Review individualized strategies like, availability of specific resources in the event of emergency, As a community advocate, the community health nurse should always seek to keep a safe environment,


The Community Health Nurse has an obligation to assess and report environmental health hazards, and The Community Health Nurse should have an understanding of what community resources will be available after a disaster strike, and most important, how the community will work together

Disaster recovery :

Disaster recovery Community Health Nurses must remain vigilant in teaching proper hygiene and making sure immunization records are up to date. Referrals to mental health professionals should continue as long as the need exists The Community Health Nurse must remain alert for environmental hazards during the recovery phase of the disaster


The nurse must be attentive to the dangers of live or dead animals and rodents that might be considered harmful to a person's health. Case finding and referral remains critical during the recovery phase and in some cases will continue for a long time.

Psycho-social intervention in the aftermath of disaster :

Psycho-social intervention in the aftermath of disaster : Community level interventions Keep the people in their natural groups if they must be relocated; Provide social activity for new community; and Group meetings in which participants brainstorm about various themes for rebuilding helps survivors to recognize the loss, to identity and discuss local problems, and to work together towards and achievable specific goal


Family level interventions: Encourage families to talk together about their experiences, losses and feelings; encourage families to resume normal activities to the extent possible; and help families handle conflict appropriately so as to minimize negative encounters caused by the strain, fatigue, and irritability that often follow trauma.



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