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Cancer overview


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Cancer Dr.Rizwana Syed M.D Ob Gyn

What is Cancer?:

What is Cancer? In Latin CANCER means a Crab :- which is a creeping ulcer that spreads gradually, eating away & destroying all body tissues in its path

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Basically Cancer is unchecked growth of any cell system in our body that progress towards limitless expansion. In normal tissue, the rate of new cell growth & old cell death are kept in balance by a ‘control room‘ in the nucleus of Each cell.

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In Cancer this balance is disrupted . Which can occur either due to uncontrolled cell growth or due to loss of a cell’s ability to undergo Suicide ‘apoptosis’ This gradual increase in number of dividing cells create a growing mass of tissue called a ‘ Tumor’ or a ‘Neoplasm’

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This tumor can be BENIGN (not dangerous to health) or MALIGNANT (has potential to be dangerous Cancer by definition refers only to Malignant tumors Malignant tumors spread to other parts of the body by invasion and metastasis

How does cancer spread?:

How does cancer spread? Direct Invasion Blood stream Lymphatics : these are small vessels that leads to the lymph nodes . The lymph nodes trap bacteria, cancer cells, or other harmful substances.

What Causes Cancer?:

What Causes Cancer? Cancer is often perceived as a disease that strikes for no apparent reason. While we don't yet know all the reasons, many of the causes of cancer have already been identified They can be categorized as: Intrinsic: (factors we can’t change) Extrinsic (factors that are acquired) from Environment: pollutants, hormones , pesticides Habits: smoking, alcohol use, obesity, stress

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Any factor that might cause wear & tear that leads to abnormal cell growth. OR may be your cell jus made a mistake one day when they were making new genes to pass on to their baby cells OR perhaps there was a misprint in the genetic instruction manual that said switch growth ‘ON’ instead of growth ‘OFF’

Who Can Get Cancer?:

Who Can Get Cancer? Cancer may affect people at all ages, even the fetuses in the mother’s womb. the risk for most varieties increases with age Though the incidence is at rise in younger age group.

Incidence :

Incidence Cancer causes about 13% of all human Deaths Cancer is the second leading cause of death in developed countries.

Is Cancer Curable?:

Is Cancer Curable? YES! The cornerstone of treatment is EARLY detection. Which can be achieved through regular screening.



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