3 Ways to Download and Update Drivers for Windows 10


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Update Windows 10 drivers is necessary. Here are 3 ways to help you download and update drivers for Windows 10. You can also use it to update Windows 8 and 7 drivers.


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3 Ways to Download and Update Drivers for Windows 10 After upgrade from Windows 7 8 to Windows 10 the system will automatically update all the drivers for your computer. But it will not help to update all the drivers for some drivers windows cannot find you need to fix it manually. Here are 3 ways you can do to download and update it. As more and more people use Windows 10 update drivers for Windows 10 is necessary. The Conditions People Need or Want to Download Windows 10 Drivers Reason 1: people upgrade Windows 7 8 and 8.1 to Windows 10 We know after upgrade system there will be several drivers incompatible with windows 10 and some drivers are missing. Why these happened We know some drivers are only supports some systems. For example: 314.22-notebook-win8-win7-64bit-international-whql.exe is a graphic card driver file and it only supports Windows 7 64bit and Windows 8 64bit. So after you upgrade your system from Windows 7/8 to Windows 10 in the "Device Manager" some drivers will shows incompatible including the graphic. The "interrogative mark" shows the driver is missing on Windows 10 and "exclamation" shows the driver is incompatible on Windows 10. It reminds you to download and update graphic card driver or other drivers. Reason 2: Drivers need update itself Hardware driver is also software it is manufacturer developed to make hardware work. So as a software it must be had some bad features such as bugs or improper optimization. Therefore some drivers will release new version to fix bugs and more is optimize itself. Reason 3: Game New version needs updated drivers to get perfect experience There are many game fans and for all games they continuing develop new game version to help players get perfect visual auditory and operations feelings. And new version game always said the latest version of graphic drivers or audio drivers will helps more. Three ways to Download and Update Windows 10 Drivers Way 1: Microsoft Windows Update Driver Software

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I think most of people want to download and update drivers for Windows 10 in this way. Because it will not download any third party software. Step 1: Enter Device Manager Use the fast way to enter device manger what you need do is enter "Device Manager" in the search box which is at the left bottom. After it shows single click it and enter the "Device Manager" interface. From the device Manager you can see the arrangement of its hardware. First you will see the hardware and if you want to see the model click the small arrow and it will shows the model below this hardware. For example in device manager the graphic hardware shows as display adapters and click the arrow left it you will see the specific video card type. As the image this is use IntelR HD Graphics. Step 2: Open Hardware Model Properties There are two ways to open hardware properties. First double click model to enter or choose the model right click your mouse and then you will view the last one list word "Properties". From the properties you will see five tabs and we will notice the first tab "General" and the second tab "Drivers". Step 3: Update Drivers. Choose the "Driver" tab and click the second button "Update Drivers". There are two ways you can try to download and update Windows 10 drivers. We choose the first way it is automatically way.

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The first way is "Search automatically for updated driver software". Windows 10 will search your computer and Internet for the latest driver software for your device. After you choose this way it will shows "searching online for software" this mean it start to detect if there are the compatible drivers or latest drivers. If there has the new version of drivers you can follow it to download and update. If no it will remind you that your device is up to date.

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Way 2: Users Manually Download and Install Drivers for Windows 10 The second way is manually install drivers. This way based on the local drivers you have downloaded. So first you need to know there is a new version driver for your device and then you need directly download it from the official site or the third party site. And save to your disk. Therefore if you are not a professional PC fan I am not recommending you update drivers in this way. How to manually install drivers for Windows 10 Step 1: Follow the way 1 steps "Device Manager Properties Driver Update Drivers" to enter the Update driver software interface. Step 2: Choose the second tab "Browse my computer for driver software". This is different from the above way of automatically detect new version online for your computer it need you have the driver on your disk. Here I know my Dell Wireless 1703 Bluetooth driver has a new version and I had already download it from Dell official site and saved it on the C:\drivers. Step 3: Choose the driver file/folder from local disk.

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Click the "Browse" button and then choose the right local address C:\drivers and then click "OK" button. Step 4: Click "Next" button. After you do this the computer will runs to install the Dell wireless 1703 Bluetooth driver. Step 5: Finished driver installation by click "Close".

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After the step 4 it will show your driver is up to date. So this driver is installed completely. For the manually installation there has another item you need to know. Click the item "Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer" and you will enter the hardware device driver page. From this page you can see the compatible version drivers for the device. The left is manufacturer and the right is model and drivers. Here use the Bluetooth as an example. Default it shows the compatible drivers for the hardware for Dell Wireless 1703 Bluetooth there are two version drivers and its released date. You can click any version to install it. And when you choose one version it will show if this version is digitally signed.

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If you cancel the left hook of "show compatible hardware" there is another thing you need to notice. From the left side of Manufacturer you will see many Bluetooth manufacturers and you can click one on the right side it will show the compatible hardware drivers and its version. When you click the left manufacturer and choose one model for the Bluetooth hardware and then it will pop up an alert box "Update Driver Warning" it remind you that this driver is not compatible with your hardware. If your driver is not compatible you

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hardware will not work correctly and your computer might become unstable or stop working completely. There is another information about Properties maybe you want to know From the "General" tab you can see the device type manufacturer for the device the location and the important information device status. There are several device statuses and the most two commons are "The device is working properly" and "The device is not working properly". From the Driver tab you can see there are five actions you can do. Driver Details is to view details about the driver files. In addition after you click it you will find five list details about it: driver files provider and file version copyright and digital signer. Driver Details show you the driver file details the most important is Digital Signer. Most official drivers are digitally signed by Microsoft So if a driver has digital signer we can think it is safe to install. View more about the Driver file Digital Signer from here. Update Drivers had already said.

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Roll Back Driver is to solve the fails updating drivers problem. If you updated the new drivers but it cannot work properly you can use this function to return to previous drivers. After you click this button it will pop up an interface "Driver Package rollback".

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The pop up interface told you two things: first is roll back to older driver will reduce some functionality or security of your device. And the second is after use the previous drivers cannot solve this problem visit the manufacturers site to find solution. So please use this function carefully. Disable is disables the selected device. This will cause device to stop functioning.

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If you click the "Yes" button this device function will be disabled. And in the device manager interface it added a down arrow. And the Disable will change to Enable. Click the "Enable" button on the "Driver" tab or in device manager interface right click mouse and choose "Enable" to reuse the device function.

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Uninstall is an advanced function. It is to uninstall the device driver.

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After you click the button and then click "OK" Windows 10 will uninstall your Bluetooth driver. And from the device manager you will not find this device any more. I think this is not a good design for device manager. So as an advanced function use it carefully.

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Way 3: Automatically Download and Update Windows 10 Drivers in 3 Clicks This is the most efficient way. Driver Doctor is a professional Windows 10 drivers download and update tool it solve your drivers problem in 5 minutes. It scans your computer devices review new drivers download and update it in one click. How to download and update Windows 10 in 5 Minutes Prepare: Download Driver Doctor from here: After you download it follow the guideline install it on your computer. Double click the shortcut to run Driver Doctor. From the DriverDR interface you can see your computer system information. Step 1: Scan.

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Click "Scan now" button on the center or "Scan" button on the top start to scan your computer device. In this scan process Driver Doctor will scan all the devices listed in your device manager and it also scans these devices which are not listed in device manager. And Driver Doctor will check the database to detect if there is new version driver for the scan device.

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Step 2: View Scan result. After scan finished the interface will shows how many devices need updated drivers and how many devices drivers are missing. And you can see the drivers lists which need update in the center place.

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Step 3: Download Drivers. Click "Get Drivers" button to download all drivers. In the next page you can choose which one driver you want to download and update. Or if you want to save time click "Download All" button to download all drivers.

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Step 4: Install Drivers. Click "Install" button it will automatically install your drivers. Do not need to follow the guideline step by step. In short words are one click installation. If you are using Windows 10 and try to update drivers you can try three ways: Microsoft automatically update drivers manually update drivers and use driver doctor fully update drivers.

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And in all three ways we highly recommend use Driver Doctor to help you automatically update drivers. It is the fast and easy way to solve all drivers missing outdated problem. If you have any questions about update windows 10 drivers or this article leave a comment below.

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