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My Home, my Land "Legends, tales of our native land.":

My Home, my Land " Legends, tales of our native land." Authots : Ponomarev Nikolai (6 form), Lushnikova Krestina Sergeevna (teacher) Cadets School of Kurtamysh

Trade, crafts and industry in the late 19th - early 20th centuries:

Trade, crafts and industry in the late 19th - early 20th centuries In the 19th century, especially towards its end , in Kurtamysh was already slender and static system of fairs and torzhka . By this time in Kurtamysh , with a population of five thousand people, 148 merchants lived in their possession was 64 stone store , 26 stone benches , 208 wooden stalls and 65 stalls of tesa . Major stores owned Hrulevichu FD , Voynova PP, MM Dunayev , MOLODKIN NG, Sorvino IK, Hudoborodovoy TL, LV Dmitrieva , Petukhov , Tretyakov . Merchants in the village were the real masters , they are largely determined by the spiritual, cultural and business life Kurtamysh . Shortly before the Revolution from merchants even had serious plans to build a railroad through Kurtamysh to the station. Zverinogolovskoe .The merchants of the first guild, Shahrin brothers, Nicholas and Stephen, have your own transport - horses, camels, and even 40. In Kustanaj they had kruporushny plant in Troitsk - mill, bought wool and rolled boots, products are sent to other cities, and even in Moscow.


Income received by merchants in many ways, including who the expense of cheap wage labor who engaged in usury, some merchants were united for collaborative commerce, investing their capital, and then shared the profits in proportion invested. To create a revolving fund needed a loan, which is released under the bills of agricultural credit associations created by the type of bank. The money was given with the creditworthiness of merchants. Apart from merchants in Kurtamysh had a lot of artisans and craftsmen who were engaged in small-scale fishing. They marketed their products at fairs, bazaars , and someone had the shop. The main crafts were associated primarily with agriculture and animal husbandry. Many wealthy farmers were holding a large number of livestock , the products of which were in business. Wool purchased pimokaty The skin started doing sheepskin tanners are sewed fur . Tanners lived mainly in the Lower Yershovka / master Neduevy / they produced chromium, kid , morocco . From this master shoemakers sewn shoes. In Galkino lived master sausage makers , among which are Bessonov Bagdasaryants . Craftsman Korotin kept pigs : the meat sold and the bristles went to the manufacture of brushes , brush .


The peasants , leaving no tillage , doing carpentry and joinery , manufactured winnowing , threshing machines . Morozov had a prosperous farmer oil mill , which produces mainly flax and hemp oil . Butter prepared by the separators and sent through the oil-receiving office in Barrow .     Among other productions stand out of the mill. Kurtamysh was around 19 windmills. Steam mill built in Kurtamysh Shironin SP and the chief clerk Bronski (the latter , then moved to Vladimirtseva ) At the relevant time Kurtamysh famous for its industrial establishments , albeit small, but provides a full range of services to the population. In Kurtamysh worked 6 oil mills , 23 pimokatnyh workshops , 2 locksmith and carpentry shops one , two tar plants, 2 salotoplennyh plant , a soap factory , 4 leather workshops , 15 workshops sheepskin , 2 kleevarennyh factory, candle factory , hosiery shop , saddlery 4 zhestyanochnyh workshops , 2 mednoludnyh workshops , 2 accordion workshops, nodding 5 workshops, art workshop , 23 plants for the production of bricks and pottery , brewery Steyer , gingerbread workshop Popova , bindery Komarova , typography Lebedev . In s.Kurtamysh could always find blacksmiths , tailors, seamstresses, glaziers , watchmakers , etc.


Before the revolution, has opened an office s.Kurtamysh manufactory company "Singer" .     Every Saturday Kurtamysh been a large market , which from the neighboring villages gathered buyers and sellers with the products of their labor. In addition to the weekly market takes place 5 large fairs : Epiphany , from 1 to 6 January , and it took place on the eve of a big horse trading, which fetches several hundred horses from the neighborhood ; Myasnovskaya - a seven-day , the week before Lent , the Annunciation , from 18 to 25 March , Peter , from 15 to 29 June , Rostov , from 14 to 21 September. Speaking of retail establishments , not to mention the two state-owned liquor stores opened in 1895 and a beer garden. Guardianship national sobriety in November 1896 opened up a tea , where for three kopecks . served tea and two lumps of sugar.     In 1896, the fire station was built with the fire tower , but it was only on duty during the summer. In the same year opened the mail, and was equipped with a telegraphic message through the station Mishkino .

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Kurtamysh Where is the sky blue lakes in the sinking, A cry in the distance - not dokrichish , You, like a handful of palms , In the hollow disappeared , Kurtamysh . Here , in the noise of pines mednotelyh And in the light rustling of the birches , ZAURALYE where there is no limit You're growing up, and I grew up with you . I become part of a large genus With the birth was destined to - Lomilas hut from the people On holidays , long time ago ... At the edges of the other lived a lot, Sharper see through the year , How many of those people are gone, What's in my memory forever . In the crowd of noisy multi-faceted Suddenly I remember sometimes As the wind smells of strawberries ... And pulls, pulls back again , Where is the sky blue lakes in the sinking, A cry in the distance - not dokrichish ... You, like a handful of palms , Stay with me , Kurtamysh .                                      Vasily Polyakov

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We used : - Clow . Ru энциклопедия - - Путешествие по «Красной Книге» Куртамышского района – Центральная районная библиотека, Куртамыш, 2012

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