Pros and cons of an elevator


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Pros and cons of an elevator


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Pros and cons of an elevator Man invented machines for making life comfortable and luxurious. One such machine that saves a considerable amount of physical energy is an elevator. When space became scarce in metro cities buildings extended vertically rather than horizontally. As storeys were constructed one upon another the number of staircases increased. Climbing up and down stairs does not fit into the modern lifestyle. Elite class ladies cannot tolerate the idea of dabbing their faces with heavy make-up and puffing and panting to spoil their looks. Elevators are a necessity of modern living. However elevators like all other machines are machines after all and have pros as well as cons. Pros of elevators:  You can save time and energy. If there are three to four storeys one can manage in reasonable time. But a lot of time is wasted if one has to climb 20 to 27 storeys. A lot of energy is also required.  An elevator ride is smooth and enjoyable.

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 Old people find it convenient to ride in lifts. Old people have joint pains heart problems and other ailments. So elevators are essential for them.  Elevators are convenient when you have to carry loads and shopping bags.  Elevators occupy less space than staircases.  Elevators are less expensive to install than constructing stair cases.  Modern elevators work on electricity and do not consume oil which is becoming scarce day by day.  Without elevators no one would have thought of constructing multi-storied buildings. Elevators solve a really practical problem.  Elevators can be constructed as per specifications and requirements.  Different types of elevators are available for different purposes. Industrial elevators help to carry huge bulky and heavy goods easily. Hospital elevators are useful for carrying patients along with a life support system. Cubicles enhance the ambience of a building while escalator belts are useful in malls and super markets. Cons of elevators  If elevators are not properly maintained they can be dangerous.  People develop the habit of depending upon elevators.  The functions and panels of elevators differ. One must learn how to operate them.  Climbing staircases is a good exercise which people cannot practice when there is an elevator.  If there is no electricity the situation becomes difficult. There must be generator back-up. Sometimes people are suspended half way between floors for hours.  Children cannot be trusted to use elevators safely. Some severe accidents have occurred in the past on account of trifle negligence.

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 One cannot rely on elevators the way one can rely on one’s own ability to use a staircase. Of course the advantages of elevators are far more in number than the disadvantages. Elevators have become part of the modern lifestyle. A few drawbacks can be eliminated as technology advances. Elevators have come to stay. In the future we can hope for better service more safety and happy rides on elevators.

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