Why Should You Use OEM Parts in Your Car

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When there is a problem with your car and you have to replace the concerned part, then it is better to buy OEM parts. The OEM parts are preferred because of the quality of parts, compatibility with the system, as well as warranty & assistance. These parts are also more durable. See the mentioned slideshow to know why to use OEM parts in your car.


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Why Should You Use OEM Parts in Your Car?


Whenever your car encounters any issues, you take it to the automotive shop to diagnose and fix the problem.


However, here comes the interesting part, you must have encountered a situation where the technician would ask your permission before replacing a component.


Most of the time it is seen that owners give their consent to use an alternate part than using an original equipment manufactured part in their car.


Here are the reasons behind the importance of using OEM parts in your car.


Quality of parts


When it comes to quality the OEM parts will score above the after-market parts. Moreover, the OEM parts will fit the requirements and function properly.


For example, if your car needs a bolt of a particular size, then you can get it from an after-market part's shop and it will look as good as the original, however, what will you do if the thread doesn't match?


Moreover, have you ever encountered a situation where you go on to install a new replacement part and the holes won't match.


However, if you use OEM parts designed by the manufacturer, then you can be assured that it will fulfill all the requirements of your car.


Compatibility with the system


All the systems in your car are intricately related to each other for the smooth running of the vehicle and there are also many sensors which play an equally important role.


Due to this very reason, it is very important to make sure that the new parts that are installed in the vehicle are compatible with the existing sensors and systems.


However, when you use after-market parts in your car, it may fail to work as there will be no compatibility with the existing system.


To avoid this kind of critical situations you must always use the Original Equipment Manufactured parts in your car.


Warranty & assistance


Often an installation of an after-market part is a threat to the warranty coverage on a particular piece of the component.


Consider a situation where your hydraulic system has failed because you have used a fluid which doesn't match to the manufacturer recommended specification.


In these circumstances, you have to completely buy a new hydraulic system on your own as you cannot claim the warranty.


Moreover, OEM parts have a better guarantee than that of the after-market parts and will last for a longer time in comparison to after-market parts.


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