How you Could Identify the Loose Alternator Belt in your Car

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The alternator in your car keeps the battery charged with the help its revolving belt. And when this alternator belt gets loose, then you may see the battery warning light, starting issues, blinking lights and even the engine starts to stall. For more details, see these slides to know how to identify the loose alternator belt in your car.


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How you Could Identify the Loose Alternator Belt in your Car


The alternator of your car is responsible for sustaining the charge of the battery so that it can power the other electrical components of the car.


If the alternator does not exist in a car, then the battery not able to power up the components because it is unable not generate enough energy.


When the pulley connected to the alternator, it wraps to one end around the alternator belt and wraps another end around the crankshaft.


When you continuously drive the car, the alternator belt gets a little bit worn and susceptible to tear and wear and even loose from the pulley.


If you notice any of the below symptoms in your car, then replace the alternator belt immediately.


Battery warning light


When your car has a loose alternator belt, then the first symptoms you will notice is the battery warning light comes on.


Battery warning light does not always indicate that the battery has some issues, but also define the electrical problems like loose alternator belt in a car.


Start issues


The alternator provides charge to the battery to power the spark plugs so that it can ignite the air and fuel mixture in the combustion chamber of the engine.


If your car has a loose alternator belt, then it is unable to start the ignition process of the car. As a result, your engine won't start.


Dead battery


Due to the loose alternator belt, if your alternator unable to charge the battery, then the battery provide all its power to the car.


As a result, the battery will die within a few minutes because it distributes the power to sustain the components and doesn't have the power to run itself.


Blinking lights


When you drive the car and suddenly notice that the lights are blinking inside the cabin, then it means that the alternator or battery has some issues.


Due to the loose alternator belt in your car, the blinking lights may stay consistent for a few time before the electrical power goes out entirely.


Engine stalling


If the alternator belt of your car gets loose, then it will cause engine stalling issues in your car while driving.


When your car turns to stall means your car has a loose acceleration power or forced to pull over onto the side of the road.


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