How Could you Determine the Bad EGR Valve of your Car

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There are some components in your car, which help in the reduction of emission of pollutants from your vehicle. Your car's emission control system consists of various components, which work together to limit pollution. The EGR valve is considered as one of the most prominent components in the emission control system of your car. It recirculates the unburned particle back into the engine for combustion. If the EGR valve malfunctions, then your car's emission control system will not function properly. Go through the slide to know about the ways through which you can determine the bad EGR valve of your car.


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How Could you Determine the Bad EGR Valve of your Car ?


The EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) valve is responsible for recirculating the engine emission by returning them to the combustion chamber.


The EGR valve of your car reduces the temperature of the cylinder as well as reduce the number of nitrogen emission produced in the engine.


All the exhaust gases of your car dependent on the EGR valve for managing their flow and works with the EGR system to pull this off.


When the EGR valve of your car opens, then it allows the emission to enter the EGR system to control the emission.


If you find that the EGR valve of your car won't be able to open and close properly, the emission will increase instead of getting reduced.


Here are the common signs that will help you to determine the bad EGR valve of your car:-


Reduced engine performance


The bad EGR valve of your car reduced its engine performance, so you will likely to experience difficulty in acceleration and overall power reduction.


The real issues behind are, the ratio of the air and fuel being out of whack and engine will require more fuel to have any power at all.


As a result, you will need to spend more money on fuel due to the bad fuel economy as well as the bad fuel efficiency.


Engine lights come on


When you have a faulty or bad EGR valve, the engine lights of your car are illuminated on the dashboard.


The engine lights comes on when the central computer of your car detects the abnormal position of your EGR valve.


If the EGR valve does not close or open all the way, then the computer will detect the wrong position and activate the engine light.


Bad fuel smell and low emission system


If you find that on every six months your state order to perform the emission test of your car, then the bad EGR valve end up failing the test.


In another way, the engine will consume more fuel and more hydrocarbons exit in the tailpipe will produce more emission.


The bad EGR valve will eventually produce the bad smell inside the cabin of the car which smell is not at all good for your health.


Lastly Lastly


Apart from the above signs, the bad EGR valve also produce a rough idle in your car due to its stuck position.


Due to this reasons, too many exhaust gases will enter the chamber and cause the engine to be idle.


If you find these issues in your car better to take it to a mechanic for inspection and replacement of the part as early as possible.

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