Afternoon Habits for Weight Loss

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Good and bad afternoon habits determine your weight. The afternoon is an essential time of the day. After completing your lunch, go for a light physical activity like walking. The bad habits like taking a small nap can cause an increase in your weight. You’ll have to keep moving to stay in shape. The afternoon is the time when individuals feel like taking a rest. Many people are unaware about their habits in the afternoon, resulting in extra weight gain. Here we have provided valuable information about good and bad afternoon habits you need to know to shed extra weight. To learn more, please visit:


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● The afternoon time is an important part of the day. ● Once you’re done with your lunch it’s the right time to physically engage yourself in some kind of work. ● The bad habits like taking a nap can cause you to gain weight. ● You’ll have to make the afternoons creative to stay in shape. ● The afternoon is the time when individuals feel like taking rest for an hour to gain energy for the rest of the day. ● Many people are unaware about their afternoon habits which contribute to extra weight gain. Introduction 2

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1. Good habits to follow in the afternoon a Plan your meals ● The biggest mistake one does by staying hungry for a longer span of time. ● Plan your meals with small portions and regular intervals. b Killing hunger pangs ● When we’re bored we feel hungry. ● The small hunger pangs between the meals make you crave for snacks. ● Eat healthy snack made of fruits vegetables such as soups shakes etc. to satisfy your hunger and to stay full. Let’s see some good and bad habits that lead to extra weight 3

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c Activity ● Research suggests that staying active during the afternoon can be a good way to utilize the calories you have consumed. ● You can go for a walk or do household chores in the afternoon. ● If you have a desk job taking a break will keep you healthy. ● Take the stairs instead of the lift. ● You can also walk to burn some calories. d Stay hydrated ● Staying hydrated ensures that you’re not hungry. ● In fact most people often misunderstand thirst as hunger and tend to munch a snack. ● Drinking water helps in digestion. 4

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e Short interval exercise ● Exercise for short intervals such as jogging walking etc. ● Join a club to play sports of your choice. 4

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2. Bad habits to be shunned a Shun sedentary lifestyle ● To get rid of the extra pounds do not take a nap in the afternoon. ● Fat accumulation occurs when a person takes a nap after enjoying a heavy meal. b Wrong diet plan ● Avoid junk food from the nearest food joints. ● Add more vegetables and fruits in your diet plan. ● Add protein rich foods to shed extra pounds naturally. 4

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c Big gap between meals ● Do not leave a big interval gap between meals. ● When you leave a long gap between your meals you tend to eat more food. d Mid-day snacks ● The mid-day hunger pangs demand snacks. ● Avoid chips chocolate bars cookies and soft drinks. ● Eat fruits vegetables and other healthy sources of nutrition. 4

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Conclusion : ● Eat healthy snacks at a regular interval. ● Keep good habits in the afternoon to get rid of the extra pounds. ● If you’re looking for help to lose weight Dr. Dirk Johns can help. ● For More Details visit : 4

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