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-:Submitted To:- Mrs. UNNATI SHARMA Submitted By - Deepak Mistry Batch :- G-4 2009-2010 Personality Development Assignment FIAT INDORE

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Introduction Personality plays importance role in our life. It is not a talent, it is a skill so we can develop it. In order to develop I made this PPT in which you will know the way of Personality Development, how I Developed and How you can... The topics that you will find are Personality Development, Leadership, Time Management, Interpersonal Relationship, Communication and about Moral Values in Life. Deepak Mistry

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Happy Lions For these project there were Seven members in the group including me. I was the leader of the group and other members are Taher Salim, Devendra, Sourabh, Govind, Arjun and Rohit Sharma. We completed project in four days. We went Deaf n Dumb School, Chlorophyll, McDonalds, Pizza Hut, Barista, Café Coffee Day and Celebrity. We all enjoyed the project, had lots of fun and gain knowledge during visits. Deepak Mistry

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What is Personality?? Personality is sum total of all Physical, Mental, Emotional Attitudes, Values, Interests and Motivational Factors. Personality is the Core Potential that determines one's Success in life and Career.

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LO: 1 & LO: 3 / UNIT : 1 Keeping in mind the first day at Frankfinn and this day when you have completed the project, Please map your development, in terms of your personality, emphasizing on your SWOT… [P1a] First Day of Mine at Frankfinn, I was very excited as well as nervous because I don’t know any thing and want to learn a lot from here… My SWOT was…

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Strengths Learning Power Hard Working Responsible Punctual Helping Nature Weaknesses Less Confident Body Language English and Communication Short Temper Strength, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats

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Opportunities Flight Steward Flight Attendant Ground Staff Customer Care Help Line Threats High Competition Recession Less Adaptability

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During my course in frankfinn I improved myself. I changed a lot in means of attitude when I changed my negative attitude to positive attitude I noticed a great change in my self. Another change that I have noticed that is I became a positive thinker. I am turning my self as a winning personality with the help and Right Direction of my PD Trainer Mrs. Unnati Sharma and my Institute FIAT And now my SWOT are…

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Strengths Positive Thinking Positive Attitude Good Perception Communication Body Language My Confidence Confidence

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Weaknesses Less Spontaneous Pronunciation (Right in Improvement)

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Opportunities Aviation:- Flight Steward, Flight Attendant, Ground Staff, Customer Care, Help Line Hospitality:- Hotels, Restaurants and Café Shops Travels and Tourism :- Travel Guide, Tour Executive, Travel Agent, Package Designer, FOE… Others:- Call Centers, Banks and Private Firms.

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Threats High Competition Recession Experience People are in the Race.

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Changes that I have feel in myself… During the PD class, improvements that I have feel myself are… I become confident, I am improving my English, Getting Knowledge. I have given up my short temper and become calm, I become positive thinker, Positive perception I have developed and continuously developing… Responsibility Positive Attitude Body Language Adaptability English & Communication

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LO: 1 & LO: 3 / UNIT : 1 What factors do you think are important for development of one’s personality? Please give your answer with reference to your observation and realization during the assignment that you have done. [P1b] Personality basically judge by the Factors a person have. Our Thoughts, Behavior and Emotions are our Personality. It depends on so some basic factors which should have in one’s personality…

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Important Factors Right Conditioning:- It includes Our thoughts, Instruction we follows, Advice, Our Observation and our way to Express ourselves. Positive Perception:- It means Direction of our Thought and Emotions. Rationality:- It is learning about Logics above Emotion, Maximize the Value of Situation and Decisions. Learning and Knowledge:- Learning makes Superior and Knowledge keeps Confident. Empathy:- This is the most important factor because of this we can understand the problems and conditions of others.

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LO: 1 & LO: 3 / UNIT : 1 Analyze and discuss the above mentioned factors, with examples from your experience during the assignment.. [M1] As our assignment, we chose to visit Indore’s Best Restaurants and Café Shops. We also went “Deaf and Dumb” school. At all the places we have observed lot and came to know…..

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Examples Right Conditioning:- When I went Celebrity for taking knowledge about customer relationship, the manager was very busy but when he saw me he come to give me information about required field. He has given time even he was busy it shows that his conditioning is in Right Direction Positive Perception:- At chlorophyll we met assistant manager, we were asking about customer Relationship and how make them happy, he just said you have to make them Fool only this thing is important. Than I realize that his perception is negative, we should never ever think like him if we have to achieve Goal. Rationality:- At the last day of our project, we were very tired and other members of the team were saying we will go tomorrow but I think logically and chose to go alone either they are coming or not I have to complete my work, and then all are ready to come and we completely done the project.

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Learning and Knowledge:- This is a most needed factor because of this our improvement can possible. The student of Deaf n Dumb learning method of expressing them selves. Now a days they participant in different kind of activities and won many prizes. When they come into our environment we cant easily accept them but they are always ready to accept new thing, I learn that only desire is must to learn things. And knowledge is important for everyone if one need to grow him self. Empathy:- The founder of Deaf n Dumb School Mr. Punjabi Was a Deaf person and his wife Mrs. Punjabi also Deaf n dumb, he understand his wife her problem and realize the need of school, then he founded this school for the same kind of people. It was his Empathy & Self Motivation

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LO: 1 & LO: 3 / UNIT : 1 Relate your statements in M1 to CONDITIOING in the life and state how Conditioning induced development of one’s personality. Quote examples from what you have noticed around you during the assignment… [M2] As open mind as a growing psychology created amazing personality changes and gives self worth, recognition and growth, also success… It is all depend on our Conditioning either it Past Conditioning or Self Conditioning

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Effect of conditioning on Perception:- At chlorophyll we met assistant manager, we were asking about customer Relationship, he just said you have to make them Fool. Reason may be for his negative perception, what ever his family member or relatives suggested to do I don’t think that he has done all, he is not ready to know anything or learn new things. Or may be he was having friends with same quality. Effect of conditioning on Rationality:- As the Example above we were very tired and weather was also very hot even then I chose to go because “Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful” Conditioning of a person help to make decision…

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Effect of conditioning on Learning & Knowledge:- Learning is the act of gaining knowledge. It doesn’t mean bookish knowledge but more than that. Learning comes from desire, what ever we want to be, our parents taught us and this is our conditioning. Effect of conditioning on Empathy:- A person empathize by putting themselves into other peoples shoes and then communicating from their point of view. It can be possible by self conditioning Important points for Development personality:- Conditioning, Rationality, Empathy, Emotional Intelligence, Self Motivation, Persistence and Assimilation.

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LO: 1 & LO: 3 / UNIT : 1 What qualities do you think were required to lead a Team? How do you think one can develop the same qualities? Tell us your role in the same context… [M1/M3/D1] Qualities require for this Activity Communication:- A leader must be able to communicate his vision in terms that cause followers to buy into it. He must communicate clearly and passionately, as passion is contagious. Vision:- A leader with vision has a clear, vivid picture of where to go, as well as a firm grasp on what success looks like & how to achieve it. Dedication:- Dedication means spending whatever time or energy is necessary to accomplish the task at hand. A leader inspires dedication by example, doing whatever it takes to complete the next step toward the vision.

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Creativity:- Creativity is the ability to think differently, to get outside of the box that constrains solutions. Creativity gives leaders the ability to see things that others have not seen and thus lead followers in new directions. The Ability to listen:- Good leaders must be willing to handle opinions contrary to their own and absorb as much as they can. Patience:- If you want to be known as a good leader, it is very important to be patient. Be cool, calm and collected. Do not panic or loose your temper when the situation is nerve-wracking. A good leader considers crisis, emotions and tricky situations a part of his journey and never looses his composure.

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Confidence:- Confidence should exude in every word you say; in everything you do. Have the confidence to manage people and show them the right path, whenever they seek your guidance. Priority Setting:- We must set our Priority according our Vision, and we should devote ourselves to complete the TASK. Thank All:- Thank constantly. The words "Thank you" take seconds to say, but mean so much. Hard Working:- it is not number of hours, but the output doing right things at the right time.

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Qualities That I have: - Dedication Creativity Confidence Patience Hard Working Qualities That I have to Improve: - The Ability to listen Communication

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How can I Improve: - The Ability to listen:- By paying full and careful attention to the other person, Avoiding premature judgment Reflecting understanding Summarizing and sharing By relearning Method By Empathy Communication:- By impressing body language By Correct pronunciation and Reading By mannersive speaking By selection of good & easily understandable word in speaking With communication with good communication skill people.

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LO: 1 & LO: 3 / UNIT : 1 If you were given a task to develop even one of those underprivileged individuals whom you have noticed during this assignment, what action plan would you adopt to enhance his or her personality? What do you think are the reasons for the weaknesses that he/she have? What opportunities could he/she use henceforth to correct those weaknesses and convert them to strengths? What could be the threats for the individual as obstacles in doing the same?? [M3/D1/D3] If I get an opportunity to enhance the personality of an underprivileged person so I’ll try my level best and make my plan as follows… During my project I went Deaf n Dumb School. There I met a girl who is very talented, good in painting, Dancing, creative and very hard working. Her teachers said that she takes part in all kind of Activities and mostly wins.

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Name:- Shalini Makhane Class:- 2nd Age:- 8 yrs Weakness:- Deaf n Dumb Basically From:- Delhi Residence:- Deaf n Dumb Hostel, Indore, from last 3 years. Reason:- Her parents have Financial Problem, they cant afford her belongings. They sent her to learn skill of Dumb people.

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Action Plan:- Shalini is good at painting, so I’ll try to send her paintings for exhibition, by uploading her paintings on net. Take her to the talent hunt programme. By providing her classes of Dancing and painting. She is getting knowledge on Hindi and English as her Education so make her confident By encouragement & Motivate her to do things with Passion… Weaknesses:- First problem that I’ll face that is communication with her because she is Deaf n Dumb since her birth. Another problem is her childhood, It will very difficult for her to understand what I am saying.

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Opportunities:- Shalini is good at painting, so she has lots of opportunities as child talent hunt programme, by Social Help Society, governmental plans for Physically Challengers, her childhood-ness, sympathy of people… Threats:- I’ll face Financial Problem, it may be difficult for me to make understand my Family members that why I want to do so… “I’ll do my best to enhance her personality”

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LO: 2 / UNIT : 1 How do you think Time Management was important for the activity that you performed and why? While discussing talk about the barriers that you came across for managing time effectively and throw light on how you removed the same. [P1] Everybody is given the same amount of Time and No one in this world has more time than anyone else. Time Management was important for us because we had only four days to complete our project, we had to reach everywhere on time because we had already taken appointments & if we reach late, our impression gives negative effect. We had to manage time, wasted in traffic. We also had to go institute for study so it was must for us to manage our TIME.

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Blocks of Time Management which I faced:- Likes and Dislikes:- At the first day of our project we got choice either we can go Deaf n Dumb School or we can go Chlorophyll. The problem was that we got appointment of same day, we got very less time to reach one place to another and both were in opposite direction. Procrastination:- At the third day of our project, only 2 places were left to visit, some of the team member wanted to leave it for next day. But we done it the same day.

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Removed Block By:- We were very confused about the project and we had to cover long distance & traffic in very short time. It was a big block for us but we removed this block by PRIORITIZE and we chose Deaf n Dumb School to go. When some member wanted to leave it for next day, some of them wanted to do it. We removed our block by DO IT NOW thinking, and we completed our work on right time on given date.. The best thing about the future is that it only comes one day at a time.

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LO: 2 / UNIT : 1 How do you think an individual can be a better planer in terms of Time Management, discuss. [M1] An individual can be a better planer by:- Prioritize:- We should note down all our needs to do and then decide what is most important instead of what I like and do that work with your full efforts. For example we got choice either we can go Deaf n Dumb School or we can go Chlorophyll and chose Deaf n Dumb to go. Do It Now:- Make a habit of Do It Now. Stop keeping things pending. Achievement of a small goal motivate us to achieve more in life. We also used it in for project when we tired and thinking to go later but we went and completed our task at the given time. It gives us self satisfaction.

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Set Goals, Achiever Goals:- If we know what is our GOAL, we’ll give our best efforts to achieve it. There will always a deadline and if we remember the deadline, we can achieve our goal. So SET GOAL and ready to ACHIEVE IT. Put Things in Writing:- Make a habit to write down all work you want to do, start making notes of events, appointments, ideas and goal as they occur to you. If you will do so, you will produce more results from your time by using it productively. Use Wasted Time:- We know very well that how we waste our time, check what else we can do while commuting, waiting and while doing nothing, use it for your pending work. Using Time Saving Equipment:- We can use time saving equipment like planer diary, phones with answering devices. Micro cassette recorder etc.

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LO: 2 / UNIT : 1 Study the Team that you worked with for this assignment. Analyze a good time manager and talk about the good practices you have noticed for efficient Time Management. Looking back, please recollect as to how you could have saved time in completing this project. How does you’re your approach compare with your teammate’s approach. [D1-D2-D3] At the starting of the project we faced problem that some of the team member not coming on time, reason was they came by bus and they got late. We solved problem by arranging personal vehicles. Best time manager:- We all are best time manager of our team. We all tried to come early and reached on place on given time. I have seen that how the other member of team managing their time. I observer that Taher was busy even then he call me and helping me in making schedules, asking for appointments and making questionnaire, also Sourabh and Govind managing time even they come from Ujjain. Whatever time we gave to them they come at that time.

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I could have used my time in a better way by:- Putting things in writing Use wasted time Prioritize Do It Now thinking My approach was:- My approach was same with some member but some also have different approach because they wanted to leave project for next day while we wanted to complete it. We managed it and happily completed our task. I will always follow above given point to manage time…Always

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Interpersonal Relationship In Service Sector

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LO: 4 / UNIT : 1 What is the importance of having an OPEN SELF personality? How does one develop an open self personality? [P] OPEN SELF PERSONALITY:- When a person knows his all abilities & Qualities and willing to share ideas, thoughts, feelings and Values with other that person is called an OPEN SELF PERSONALITY.

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Importance of open self personality? Having an Open self personality one can maintain good and long term relations and contacts with others. You feel more oriented regards to your objective or goals. You will share your Dreams, Desires, Hobbies and ambitions with others. You will also respects others Dreams and Ambitions. You will place Helping nature with all. Respectively more opportunities.

Slide 45: 

How to develop an open self personality? Know Your Self- Think about you and know yourself which kind of personality you have, Open self, Blind self, Hidden self or Unknown self. Decide Your Objective- When you know yourself, accepting who you are, set objective or Goal. Say Hello first- People who are not seen at all, can’t be called beautiful people, can they? Whenever & whatever you go, introduce your self to all the people you meet. Let more people get to know you…

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Always Share- Share your Dreams, Desires, Hobbies and Ambition. It helps people to know you. Help Others- Everyone needs help, just help, guide, contribute and encourage if you can and let people know that ou care and you are available to help if needed. Help needy and be friendly with smile face. Be On Time- Be On Time because it is valuable for everyone and if you respect their time they will respect you… Keep Smile and small successes on going- Do the things you enjoy doing and invite people to share your small successes….

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LO: 4 / UNIT : 1 With respect to Interpersonal Behavior, analyze and present your observation, factors that influenced the same positively and otherwise, in your own Team and in the groups of other individuals that you noticed around you. Use your class room learning, with reference to JohuriWindow, Ego States, Transactional Analysis and the four basic Attitudes. In speaking about this throw light on your own Interpersonal skills and state where you need to change and how you plan to change? [M1/M2/M3- D1/D2/D3]

Slide 48: 

Interpersonal Behavior :- Interpersonal Behavior is basically how "two persons" interact in any setting. It is extremely important in organizations to strengthen interpersonal relationships. When at a basic level, that is between two people the relationship is strong and pleasant, it will lead to proper behavior. Thinking Styles gives very powerful techniques to understand yourself and others.

Slide 49: 

Interpersonal Behavior Observation Hello, I am Deepak Mistry, I got assignment and did it with help of my group. We were seven members in Group including me and our group name was HAPPY LIONS. During our project our Interpersonal Relation was quite well. I am explaining my observation with others one by one on the basis of Johari Window, Ego State, Life Attitude and Analysis Diagram…

Slide 50: 

What is Johari Window? Open Self Blind Self Hidden Self Unknown

Slide 51: 

What is Ego State?

Slide 52: 

What is Life Attitude? Positive Attitude- When our behavior is “I’m Ok, You are Ok”. Negative Attitude- When our behavior is Either I’m Ok, You’re not Ok… Or I’m not Ok, You are Ok… Of I’m not Ok, You’re not Ok…

Slide 53: 

Rohit Sharma Johuri Window- In my view, he had 45% Blind Self personality and 30% Hidden Self, 15% Open Self and 10% Unknown self personality because he always gave excuse. He doesn’t know what he can do. He is good and hardworking but he doesn’t do because he chose not to do.

Slide 54: 

Ego State- Mostly he used his Adult Ego State. What ever we suggest or if problems occur, he understands and but some times he used Child Ego State and even then I felt ok with him. Life Attitude- Mostly he used his Positive Attitude “I am ok, you are ok”. I was comfortable with him and I didn’t get any problem from him… Analysis Diagram- Interpersonal Relationship of Rohit with other member of group was -

Slide 55: 

Devendra Johuri Window- In my view, he had 55% Open Self Personality and 20% Blind Self, 15% Hidden Self and 10% Unknown self personality because he always ready to do things, ready for work and he took work what he could do and he did that.

Slide 56: 

Ego State- He is good and understanding person, used his Adult Ego State most of the time. He understood and took work which he can do. Life Attitude- Mostly he used his Positive Attitude “I am ok, you are ok” no any problem with him, I was comfortable… Analysis Diagram- Interpersonal Relationship of Devendra with other member of group was -

Slide 57: 

Govind Johuri Window- In my view, he had 20% Open Self Personality and 40% Blind Self, 25% Hidden Self and 15% Unknown self personality because he shared only some points of his personality and most of the part of his personality he doesn’t know. He could do some work but he was not ready to did that he had lack of confidence.

Slide 58: 

Ego State- He is good and understanding person, used his Adult Ego State most of the time but some times he used patent Ego State. e.g.- When we went McDonald's for break fast he scolded us and unwilling to go there. Life Attitude- Mostly he used his Positive Attitude “I am ok, you are ok”. Only at McDonald’s his Attitude was Negative “I am ok, you are ok”. Analysis Diagram- Interpersonal Relationship of Govind with other member of group was -

Slide 59: 

Arjun Johuri Window- In my view, he had 30% Open Self Personality and 45% Blind Self, 15% Hidden Self and 10% Unknown self personality because he made us comfortable, we knew his value in team when he was ready to get permission from Deaf n Dumb School.

Slide 60: 

Ego State- Sometimes he used his Child Ego State and some times he used Adult Ego State. He was not so sincere for the project in starting but when we reached Deaf n Dumb School his perception was changed. Life Attitude- Mostly he used his Positive Attitude “I am ok, you are ok”. And there was not any problem with us… Analysis Diagram- Interpersonal Relationship of Arjun with other member of group was -

Slide 61: 

Sourabh Johuri Window- As I observed, he had 30% Open Self Personality and 30% Blind Self, 20% Hidden Self and 20% Unknown self personality because he willing to do but with lack of confidence he wasn’t comfortable with that work but he did very well. E.g.- When we sent him Mangal City, he was very nervous but even then he did his work well.

Slide 62: 

Ego State- Sometimes he used his Child Ego State and some times he Adult Ego State. Life Attitude- Mostly he used his Positive Attitude “I am ok, you are ok”. And there was not any problem with us… Analysis Diagram- Interpersonal Relationship of Sourabh with other member of group was -

Slide 63: 

Taher Johuri Window- As I observed, he had 65% Open Self Personality and 15% Blind Self, 10% Hidden Self and 10% Unknown self personality because he willing to communicate with people, he speaks, made them comfort with him and these are the quality of an Open Self Personality…

Slide 64: 

Ego State- He is one of good, mature, understanding, hard working and Sincere boy in our Group. Most of the time I observed his Adult Ego State, how he was making the other comfortable with him. Some times he also used Child Ego State when we ask to go for appointments. Life Attitude- Mostly he used his Positive Attitude “I am ok, you are ok”. And there was not any problem with us… Analysis Diagram- Interpersonal Relationship of Taher with other member of group was -

Slide 65: 

Observation of Other Groups Excepting my group, there were two more groups from our Batch. And their observation by me on basis of same…

Slide 66: 

My IPR Skills are… Johari Window- If I explain in percent I can say I’m having 55% Open Self Personality because I don’t share my feeling, thought and ideas with other until I’m not comfortable with them. I’m having 25% Blind Self personality because my relative and friends encourage me for hard work and make me know my successes and creativity. I’m having 10% Hidden Self Personality and 10%Unknown Self Personality.

Slide 67: 

My Ego State- Most of the time I used Adult Ego State. I was not having any problems with Teammates. They all was very good. Only once or Twice I used patent ego state because they were not sincere for project. My Life Attitude- My attitude was some times positive “I’m ok, You are Ok” and some times negative “I’m not ok, You are Ok” My Analysis Diagram- My Interpersonal Relationship with other-

Slide 68: 

How Can I bring Changes??? To bring changes in my Blind Self, Hidden Self and Unknown Self personality and also in my Negative Attitude, I can work upon and Applying By sharing my ideas, desires, hobbies and ambition with others… Being Empathic… By Being Proactive all the time… By communicating a lot with people… And By Developing Listening Skills…

Slide 69: 

LO : 1/ UNIT 3 Communication

Slide 70: 

Communication Communication is a process of transferring information from one entity to another. In other way, By words, letters, or messages; interchange of thoughts or opinions, by conference or other means is the means is called Communication. We always communicate with other either we are taking, standing, working, sleeping, sad, silent, dead……always It is our mind process….

Slide 71: 

LO: 1 / UNIT : 3 What are the Most important parts of Communication? Discuss in details throwing light on the barriers you faced while doing this assignment. Give an OHP Presentation for the same, highlighting how you could remove them? [P] Communication plays important part in determining success for today’s organizational teams. The most important parts of Communication are…

Slide 72: 

Parts of Communication

Slide 73: 

Verbal communication:- Verbal communication is an essential part of life. When it executes correctly, good things happen. When we communicate verbally with others, when we talk to others, we assume they will understand us. Therefore, if we want our message to be understood, we must be carefully use the words.             When we speak, only approximately 7 % of the words we use get through to others. It is our responsibility to make sure our message gets across to our audience. Non Verbal communication:- Good communication is the foundation of successful relationships, both personally and professionally. But we communicate with much more than words. In fact, the majority of our communication is nonverbal. Nonverbal communication, or body language, includes our facial expressions, gestures, eye contact, posture, and even the tone of our voice.

Slide 74: 

Barriers of communication Personal Barrier:- Personal Barrier include moods, prejudices, communicating with now decision makers, differing IQs and EQs Physical Barrier:- Physical Barrier include faulty equipment, doors, partitions, distance and all physical blocks of communication. Semantic Barrier:- Barriers that occurs due to words or language we use, is called Semantic Barrier.

Slide 75: 

Barriers That I faced Semantic Barrier:- When we went to Deaf n Dumb School, it was the most difficult task for us to communicate with them. We didn’t know how to communicate because they cant listen and speak and we didn't know their language How I Removed Semantic Barrier:- It was difficult to communicate with Deaf n Dumb person, but we did. We learnt their basic signs with help of Director madam and their Teacher and we communicated.

Slide 76: 

LO: 1 / UNIT : 3 How would you correlate this assignment for a job that you that you plan to take up after completion of this course? Is there any correlation in terms of communication? How? [M2/M3] For Assignment we chose Indore’s best Restaurants & Café Shops like McDonald’s, Pizza Hut, Chlorophyll, CDD, Barista etc. there we observed how they manage. How they attend their customers, how they know customers’ like and dislike, how to please them. We asked many question about customer relationship and we come to know what generally a customer need.

Slide 77: 

My dream is to be a Flight Steward for that I have learnt what a basic requirement of a customer. They need good & understandable service. Whatever they are paying for they need the best without a little mistake with politeness. They can be rude any time for a little mistake, so we must try to give a good service, have to listen them and never loose our patience. Always keep smiley face. Ready to help.

Slide 78: 

Communication Relation:- Attracting the right customers with the right offer at the right time is critical to corporate survival. A general relation in communication is language. When we went to CCD (Café Coffee Day) and start taking with manager, he was very fluent in English, his vocabulary was very powerful. Similarly if we have desire to be a Flight Steward we must be fluent in English as well as in Hindi with correct pronunciation. Clear Verbal communication and Polite & mannerly Non Verbal communication with customer.

Slide 79: 

LO: 1 / UNIT : 3 Plan for another project like wise for future, in the areas of Aviation or Hospitality or Travel or all Combined, and highlight your stepwise communication channel for executing the project. Also share your plans for improvement for the next project taking the corrective measures from the current one. [D2/D3] Hospitality and Customer Relationship Proponent:- Hotels as well as fast food restaurants are the best places to visit to know about Hospitality and customer Relationship. Location:- No need to go any other city to visit because our own INDORE has lots of hotels and Restaurants. So own city is the best suggestion.

Slide 80: 

Aim:- Our aim is to know about hospitality because this will help us in our job either we choose Flight Stewards Job or Hotel Industry in both this will help us. Requirements:- For this project a team require which should have 5-6 students. Some personal vehicles. Permission from the place and permission letter from the Institute. Objective:- Project duration will be of 4 days. Planning for schedule according to appointments day wise. Some contribution of money. Prepare a Questionnaire to ask questions.

Slide 81: 

Meeting deadline is must. Time management is must. Team work and communication should be polite and attractive. Good Eye Contact & Body Language. Neat and proper grooming. Description:- our need to project is to know about hospitality and Steward job so we should ask question related to same. After completing project every one have to make PPT based on project and have to give presentation for the same.

Slide 82: 

Internal channel for taking permission

Slide 83: 

External channel for taking permission

Slide 84: 

LO: 1 / UNIT : 3 Evaluate your own communication skills and suggest improvement for same. [D1] My communication Skills I maintain Eye Contact. Sincerity about Work Body Movement Positive Attitude My Weakness in communication Facial Expression. Lack of Knowledge. Upward communication. Pronunciation.

Slide 85: 

How I’ll remove By controlling. By Reading and discussing with friends about current affairs. By Using Positive Non Verbal Communication. By Learning and Listing Language, speaking with friends. Never argue and by motivation. By being More Mature.

Slide 86: 

Moral Values

Slide 87: 

Moral Values:- We hear a lot of talk about moral values, but we hear very little about what those two words actually mean. Moral Values are the standards of good and evil, which rules on an individual’s behavior and choices. It made to run society in a peaceful way, to develop Humanity in people. Who has to teach moral values, is it teacher? Is it parents? Is it society? Is it government? Is it your religion? Is it yourself? I say all… LO: 2 / UNIT : 3 Make an PPT presentation of 5 minutes on what you understand about moral values and character building, highlighting the process of development of the same in a persona and state how this helps in one’s career? [P2a]

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"Character building" is experiences which teach us some of life's lessons; lessons like keep your word, pay attention, help others, be human etc. Many character building experiences hurt and may contain a "significant emotional experience". With a little good luck, you will live through them and be a better person. Whatever we do, we think, we behave, all come from our Moral values and by all these our character is judged.

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Character can be buildup by… Cooperation Will Power Thankfulness Simplicity Good Intentions Honesty Acceptance Having Good thoughts Politeness Good relationship Persistence Caring Thoughtfulness Kindness

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Moral Values depends on:- Trust Compassion Generosity Modesty Truthfulness Trust:- Always show your trust with others Compassion:- by being Helpful and empathic with every one you will become more compassion. Generosity:- Start to think more and increase interaction with people it shows hoe you are Generous Modesty:- Don’t show others what you are let them know about your self. Truthfulness:- Stick on your commitment do what you said. Applying Moral Values in an Individual

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During the assignment I observer some Moral Values in Student of Deaf n Dumb School. Day when we went there was a teacher’s day, every student wishing their teacher, touching their feet, giving gifts. When we went and interacted with them, at last they thanked us for being with them. Also when we went CCD, Pizza Hut they offered seat and water, when we went Celebrity they asked to have some but we said its ok. These are some general Values system I observed around me. LO: 2 / UNIT : 3 Map your personal experience of this assignment with respect to Moral values. Throw light on the general value system you observed around you. [M1/M2]

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Action plan/ Suggestion for Building on a strong character and strong value system: It is a learning process so one is going to make mistakes and we learn from our mistakes. Everyone knows right from wrong, so whether it costs you family or friends you know what is right and wrong so stand by your moral values no matter how many people are against you for it. LO: 2 / UNIT : 3 Plan/ Give a suggestion for others and your self for building a strong character and imbibing a strong value system highlighting and analyzing the importance of the same in both personal and professional life. [M2/D2/D3]

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Treating family, your and friends with loyalty, honesty, sternness yet with love and you will achieve more than anything else you have ever learned. Be open to other's suggestions for you can always learn something from it and perhaps combine it with your own beliefs on the subject. Realize that you are not always right! Learn to be humble Practice makes a man perfect. So keep working hard. Watching others that have achieved this through age or knowledge.

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Importance in Personal Life: Respect from relatives. Highly know to others for nature. Others come to take help. Other want to be like you. More opportunities than others’. Importance in Professional Life: Chances to prove yourselves. Believe and Trust from Others. Position and Salary increment. Proposals for Work. Respect, Friends and good Relations.

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Proof of Visits:- 1. Deaf n Dumb School

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Distributing Prizes in Deaf n Dumb School Visit in Pizza Hut With manager Mr. Jagdish Namdev I, Deepak Mistry second from the right. I, Deepak Mistry third from the right.

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Conclusion In the whole session we had learnt about personality and how to develop it. At this point I feet lots of changes in my personality. I become more confident, my facial expression, taking way etc. it helped me a lot to develop and improve my skills. Communication, IPR, Motivation and Time Management all are the important part of our life and I learn lot about these. I feel some Big changes in me because of them and those factors which I learnt in Personality development. I inspired threw them and still I have more opportunities in my hand to do some thing.

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Thank You SoMuch

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