Things to Check before Choosing a Hip Replacement Surgeon

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Things to Check before Choosing a Hip Replacement Surgeon You can get the Best Orthopaedic surgeon In Delhi and get the best of care and expertise for your surgery. A hip replacement surgery is a very important surgery and it is essential to take heed of important things or take important steps before getting the surgery done. 1. Develop a bond with your orthopaedist: The most important thing before getting the surgery done is to work with your orthopedist. Be sure that you have a certain level of comfort with your doctor. It is essential to have a bond with your doctor so that you have a level of trust and should be able to openly talk to your doctor about all your needs and things that you would want to know. You should have a doctor with which you can comfortably work for a long time because even after the surgery there may be several times where you have to have follow-ups.

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2. Medical Evaluation: Get a medical evaluation to ensure that you are healthy enough to have the surgery. The tests will include an electrocardiogram a chest x- ray and certain blood tests. All these are down to make sure that you have no chronic illnesses and that your blood pressure is under control. All these factors will be evaluated to check if you will be at risk of having complications after your surgery or not. You should also make sure that your operating surgeon is aware of all the medication that you are taking even if it is herbal as it can increase the risk of bleeding during the surgery. According to your needs the doctor may advise you to stop taking them before the surgery. 3. Pre-surgery preparation: It is also important to know that sometimes the patients may require blood transfusing during or after the surgery. Since your blood is safer than anyone el s e’ s it is essential to talk about this with your doctor. You can ask him how many weeks prior to the surgery can you start giving your blood. According to your conditions the doctor may even advise you to take shots of medications that will help increase your red blood cells. To do this you will need to take these injections about a month before the surgery every week. It is important to have knowledge about all these factors before heading into surgery.

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4. Physical therapy: You should also get physical therapy before getting the surgery If you have not already done it. The doctor may suggest that you take some educational sessions with physical therapists as well as it will help after the surgery is done. You are also taught properly how to use the crutches and how to deal with situations before you head into the surgery as studies have proven that doing this ensures that you recover much faster this way. 5. Check for complications: You should also check for infections that could complicate your healing process. Get checked beforehand if you are infectious to anything and if you are it should be treated before the surgery is done. You will also be exposed to all kinds of antibiotics to decrease the risk of infection. Additionally if you smoke you have to stop before your surgery. Smoking can be a hindrance while you recover and can also slow the process down. It also poses as a hindrance while the bone heals itself. If you do not quit then there might be complications after which you might need another surgery afterward.

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Source If you are a long-time smoker there may be some underlying disease that may make it impossible for you to even have the surgery in the first place. Choose what is good for you and get the Best Hip Replacement surgeon in Delhi. choosing-a-hip-replacement-surgeon/

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