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Dr. Bhavana Parikh is experienced in Gynecological, Uterine, Cervix, Vulvar, Colorectal, Ovarian Cancer Treatment with HIPEC in Ahmedabad, Gujarat


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Gynecological Cancer in Ahmedabad | Gynecological Cancer in Gujarat There are numerous reasons about why women may be prone to developing a gynecological cancer in ahmedabad gynecological cancer in gujarat. However examination indicates that a few classes of genes may wind up harmed through smoking maturing environmental impacts or legacy and result in the uncontrolled spread and development of strange cells. This spread of abnormal cells begins from the female reproductive organs: the cervix the ovaries the uterus the vagina and the vulva. Although in spite of the fact that there are five basic sorts of gynecological cancer that women experience the ill effects from cervical ovarian uterine vaginal and vulvar cancer. 1. Cervix Cancer - starts in the lower narrow end of the uterus which attach with the top end of the vagina. Usually caused by the Human Papillomavirus HPV cervix cancer in ahmedabad cervix cancer in gujarat tends to influence women principally in their 30s or over age. When caught early cervical cancer is treated with surgery to remove the uterus thus resulting in a high survival rate. 2. Ovarian Cancer - starts in the ovaries which are situated each side of the uterus and is responsible for more deaths than any other cancer related with the female reproductive system. Although when diagnosed early stage ovarian cancer treatment with HIPEC in ahmedabad ovarian cancer treatment with HIPEC in gujarat tend to be quite effective. 3. Uterine Cancer - starts in the uterus which is the pear-shaped organ found in the womens pelvis and where the child develops while a woman is pregnant. Although the risk of being diagnosed with uterine cancer in ahmedabad uterine cancer in gujarat grows with the age after the menopause all women are at risk from it. 4. Vaginal Cancer - starts in the vagina the hollow tube-like channel located at the lowest part of the uterus that runs through to the outer side of the body. Although vaginal cancer is considered unique in most of women and all women are at risk from it.

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5. Vulvar Cancer – starts in the vulva which is the outer side of the female genital organ and when put together with vaginal cancer. When found early at the stage vulvar cancer in ahmedabad vulvar cancer in gujarat will be treated. 6. Colorectal Cancer - The name of cancer depends on which part cancer has started colorectal cancer occurs in the colon or rectum so it is called colon cancer or rectal cancer. Colon cancer and rectal cancer come together because they have many common features therefore known as colorectal cancer in ahmedabad colorectal cancer in gujarat. Each gynecologic cancer has its own unique set of symptoms together with risk factors and prevention strategies. As a group they are referred to as gynecologic cancer like any other cancer if gynecologic cancer found early treatment becomes more effective. Dr. Bhavana Parikh is the best Cancer Surgeon in Ahmedabad Gujarat. She is having 15+ years of rich experience in Gynecological Cancer Treatment. Call: +91 - 98257 50928 | +91 - 82380 34100 E-mail: Website:

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