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What are Dental Implants? Know them in details! Dr. Bhalla Dental Clinic Ahmedabad (India) Presents amazing info on dental implants and their benefits! Permanent solution to lost Teeth!


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DENTAL IMPLANT A Permanent Effective and Natural-Looking Dental Reconstruction Replacing Your Missing One Several or All Teeth

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It’s all About Dental Implants Dental Implants are the highly reconstructive Titanium Prostheses that usually get fixed into the jawbone. They work as an anchor for a crown or a set of crowns to be placed on it. Truly a long-term dental solution A perfectly successful option to missing teeth and the best alternative to dental bridge and denture

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Who Are Right Candidates If you are with your missing Single Tooth A person with one tooth lost or damaged Several Teeth A person with many teeth missing altogether or one over another. A perfect alternative to dental bridge. Implant-supported bridges pretty perfect solution so far

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Who Are Right Candidates All Teeth A person with all teeth damaged or lost A permanent dental solution to denture wearers. Dental implant-supported dentures an ever best and durable dental treatment.

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Rediscovering Oral Functions Your Smile Enhancing Eating Capability Dental implants as natural teeth offer excellent biting force and chewing patterns ensuring improved physical health. Comparatively better than dental bridges or dentures.

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Speaking Efficiency Dental implants convey the most stable jawbone integration making sure no more unstable or loosening of teeth. No more fear of denture sliding. Speech improved greatly. Rediscovering Oral Functions Your Smile

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Rediscovering Oral Functions Your Smile Aesthetic Appearance Dental implants are indeed amazing in look Person’s smile rejuvenated and oral shape enhanced. No more ugly-looking empty space. Great oral health too

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Rediscovering Oral Functions Your Smile Self-Possession With one’s oral health and look pretty nicely restored one would ever feel greatly confident self-esteemed and happy

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Additional Dental Implant Benefits Teeth Saving and Bone Saving Dental implants as the great anchor to teeth and jawbone would bring tremendous support to them. They adapt to jawbone entirely removing the risks of bone loss or gum recession.

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Additional Dental Implant Benefits Unlike dental bridges the dental implants do not pose any damage to adjoining teeth structure when placed. In fact they provide powerful teeth support ensuring no wear and tear to them.

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Dental Implant Recovery Ever Quick Effective Result Minimum Post-Surgical Pain or Discomfort Few Dental Follow-ups Immediate Oral Functions Really A Permanent Dental Solution

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