POL 358 Deciding What to Decide AUDIO (Part I)

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Part one of the audio PowerPoint Lecture on Deciding What to Decide -- POL 358 American Judicial Process


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Deciding What to Decide (Part I):

Deciding What to Decide (Part I) Political Science 358 AJP – The Supreme Court Peter J. Baxter, J.D./ Ph.D . Spring Semester 2013 Audio problems on this slide.. Please proceed

General Issues:

General Issues Jurisdiction Standing Audio problems on this slide.. Please proceed


Jurisdiction Geographical Distinctions States Court of first instance  appellate court  court of last resort Federal District Courts District v. State Three-judge District Court Specialized federal courts Federal Circuit Courts Audio problems on this slide.. Please proceed

PowerPoint Presentation:

Audio problems end…

Article III Controls Jurisdiction:

Article III Controls Jurisdiction Federal Question Jurisdiction Minor Original Jurisdiction Cases Burden of Proof Diversity of Citizenship Originally… Jurisdictional Monetary Floors & Rules Pendent (Supplementary) Jurisdiction


Standing Case or Controversy Mootness Legal Injury Personal Injury Class action suits Political Questions Decisional Finality Ripeness Estoppel (Res Judicata / Collateral Estoppel) Exhaustion of Administrative Remedies

Getting to Court:

Getting to Court Original Jurisdiction Few in number… Appeal ( ≈ 1/3 of total) Certiorari ( ≈ 2/3 of total) Writ of Cert Numbers Question 1999-2000 Example Cert. Pool – Discuss List -- “Rule of Four” Cert. Denied

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