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Rights of Children:

Rights of Children 1959- UN Declaration 1954-Universal children day 1979- International Year of the child 1990- World summit for children Constitution-Articles-24, 39, 45

Under Five:

Under Five Infancy- up to 1 yr/Pre-school children/ Child-Up to 5 years 15% of population High mortality- IMR, PNMR, U5MR Period of growth and development Prone to various health problems- ( Morbidity-ARI-17%,Diarrhea-13%,Fever-27%, Under-nutrition-43%-NFHS II Report) Chronic diseases of later life are linked to nutrition in utero and later as child Child health- Family health are related 60% of mortality is related to malnutrition


Introduction David Morley Growth Chart- Road to Health Chart Well Baby Clinic U5 CLINIC GOBI (1982) GOBI-FFF (UNICEF)


U 5 CLINIC Care in illness Growth Monitoring Preventive Care Health Education Family Planning The overall goal of the Under-Fives Clinic is to provide comprehensive health care to young children in a separate specialized facility

Care in illness:

Care in illness Acute illness- ARI (incl pneumonia), Diarrhea, exanthematous fevers Chronic illness- congenital, physical, mental, behavioral Disorders of growth and development X-ray , Lab services Referral services

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- Weigh the child periodically- every month x1 yr, 2months-2yr, 3monthly up to 5yrs Growth Monitoring Basic activity Plot this on the Growth Chart

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PREVENTIVE CARE Immunisation Nutritional surveillance Health check up- clinical and laboratory 4. ORS

Family Planning:

Family Planning Central to the health of children and women Women more receptive to family planning Mother is counseled on various options, importance of Family planning

Health Education:

Health Education Opportunity to educate mother on various health issues of mother and child- Infant and child care( mother craft), Breastfeeding, Immunization Hygiene of safe water and food Nutrition.


U 5 CLINIC Care in illness Growth Monitoring Preventive Care Health Education Family Planning

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