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Dr Anmols Ultrasound Clinic is a private center for Ultrasound in Gurgaon, India. Dr. Anmol Sethi, a Consultant in Radiology runs the centre. He is an accomplished radiologist have great experience in Obstetric Ultrasonography as well as Color Doppler. We are known for giving complete ultrasound test amid pregnancy and for gynecology. We give assurance to deliver the most astounding standards of service and care for every one of the patients. It is the best Sonography Centre In Gurgaon. For more information visit our website:


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About us::

About us: Dr. Anmol Sethi is a skilled radiologist having an enormous experience, particularly in Ultrasound & Color Doppler. He has practiced on many of the advanced Ultrasound as well as Colour Doppler systems at the best centres all over the world. He is running this clinic for many years. Throughout the years, he has still maintained the trustworthiness in the heart of the customers who so ever come for the test at the clinic. The clinic has all the latest machines, which is highly required at every other ultrasound clinic to show accurate results in the report and make the patient learn where the problem is. Our Staff We have pleasant and appreciative staff who takes of your health, really well. All the staff members are well-behaved and it is essential for them to maintain the nice decorum so as to let the customers feel comfortable. So, before you visit here for any kind of Ultrasound in Gurgaon , make sure you take an appointment first.   https://dranmolsethi.Com/



Ultrasound Clinic:

Ultrasound Clinic The ultrasound test is one of the best techniques to find analyze whether everything is fine inside your body or not, in simple terms. During this test, the high-frequency sound waves are transmitted through body tissues. The recording of the echoes is done and changed into images. The ultrasound can be done in several cases. At Dr Anmols Ultrasound Clinic , it is done to pregnancy or some other medical reasons. Whatever be your cases, the ultrasound scan is done by Dr. Anmol Sethi only. https://dranmolsethi.Com/



Ultrasound Centre in Gurgaon:

Ultrasound Centre in Gurgaon Ultrasound or Sonography is a health imaging technique that uses high frequency sound waves as well as their echoes. There are many reasons to acquire an ultrasound. If you are speculating which is the ideal Ultrasound Centre in Gurgaon your search ends here! Book your appointment at Dr Anmols Ultrasound Clinic for good experience. https://dranmolsethi.Com/



Ultrasound in Gurgaon:

Ultrasound in Gurgaon https://dranmolsethi.Com/


Do you prefer to go to the clinic where the Ultrasound Price in Gurgaon is pocket-friendly and also the place should be hygienic? If your response is in yes, the make a visit to the Dr Anmol’s Ultrasound Clinic. We offer whole abdominal ultrasound and pregnancy ultrasound with proper care. https://dranmolsethi.Com/




PREGNANCY ULTRASOUND Pregnancy Ultrasound is a prenatal test which pictures the fetus developing inside the uterus. This pregnancy scan uses the sound waves to generate the picture of the baby inside the womb. Ultrasound is statutory for the expecting mothers as it is the only diagnostic modality to measure the development of the fetus. During the first pregnancy ultrasound, the feasibility of fetus is determined by the gestational age and fetal heart rate. Ultrasound is also used to determine the anticipated date of delivery. Most of the women get their first pregnancy ultrasound in the second trimester which is after 16 to 20 weeks of pregnancy but it is recommended to have this pregnancy scan for around 3 times during the nine months of pregnancy . https://dranmolsethi.Com/



The special features on the machine are::

The special features on the machine are: Superior 2D Imaging World’s Best Machine in  3D & 4D Imaging Colour and Power Doppler Sie Scape or Panoramic Imaging – useful for musculoskeletal imaging Superior Endocavitary Imaging https://dranmolsethi.Com/

List of pregnancy and medical scans::

List of pregnancy and medical scans: General Ultrasounds ​ Abdominal Ultrasound (Liver, Spleen, Gallbladder, Kidneys, Pancreas, Abdominal Aorta, Biliary System) Pelvic Ultrasound (Uterus, Ovaries, Fallopian Tubes, Urinary Bladder) Bladder Ultrasound Prostate- Transrectal Ultrasound Breast Ultrasound Testicle ultrasound Thyroid ultrasound Transvaginal ultrasound Vascular ultrasound Musculoskeletal (Shoulder, Knee, Achilles, Foot). Neonatal Skull Neonatal Hip KUB/ KUB Prostate/KUB Pelvis Transrectal Scan USG Chest https://dranmolsethi.Com/


Contact us: Address : C-308, nirvana courtyard, nirvana country, opp. Shalom hills school, sector-50, gurgaon-122018 website : https://dranmolsethi.Com/ e-mail : docanmol@yahoo.Com phone no: 09871371100,0124-4301100

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