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Life : 

Life Anonymous

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Life… Has it’s ups and downs

Slide 3: 

Sometimes you smile! And sometimes your frown…

Slide 4: 

First you learn To Walk And talk

Slide 5: 

Then you learn To ride a bike And other things you like

Slide 6: 

Mom was always there! …Nothing was unfair!

Slide 7: 

LIFE IS GREAT! Until you learn of hate…

Slide 8: 

Then things go wrong… And your friends Are now gone…

Slide 9: 

Things happen so fast Before you know it… They’ve past

Slide 10: 

Then it happens… and you’ve just been told You’re going to move…

Slide 11: 

Now you’re in a new town And all you can do is frown

Slide 12: 

You soon make new friends! And the pain finally starts to mend!

Slide 13: 

Then one night… Your parents begin to fight…

Slide 14: 

You think your dad is going away just for a couple of days…

Slide 15: 

But he doesn’t come home… …and you start to feel alone

Slide 16: 

Your par ents separate And your dad… …has a new mate

Slide 17: 

No one ever knew that your dad was never there for you

Slide 18: 

Or that you were in much pain SO And it took a lot of effort Just to stay sane…

Slide 19: 

You’ve made it through life so far… With all your emotions kept in a jar

Slide 20: 

And now they’re all starting to come out! You just wish you could SHOUT!!

Slide 21: 

Your mom is starting to date You feel like you’re carrying All that weight

Slide 22: 

You’ve lost your best friend! And you want things to end…

Slide 23: 

LIFE can get pretty rough… But NEVER Give Up

By:Kristen Langerfeld : 

By:Kristen Langerfeld Music provided by the Goo Goo Dolls “Black Balloon”

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