The Process of Donating Eggs: Dr. Alan Copperman

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For nearly three decades, board-certified reproductive endocrinologist, Dr. Alan Copperman, has been assisting patients who are experiencing infertility. Often, the only way many can conceive successfully is through egg donation.


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When a woman chooses to participate in egg donation to help couples experiencing infertility she is ofering others the opportunity to create the family they might otherwise never have.

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If you decide to donate you will have to undergo a simple fve-step process.

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● Undergo an initial screening if you are a frst-time donor. ● Undergo medical screening.

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● Review the legal paperwork. ● T ake medication to stimulate egg production.

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● Undergo the egg retrieval process.

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If you’d like more information on egg donation contact Dr. Alan Copperman at RMA of New Y ork today.

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