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Do you know that the world's leading cause of death is disease that is preventable? Know the details here!


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The World’s Leading Cause of Death is The Disease That You Ignore Everyday !


Contact Us: 9603040506 Website: Have you ever wondered what could be the leading cause of the deaths in the world right now ? It is quite common that you would imagine a mysterious incurable disease, but conditions like HIV doesn’t even make to the list. Serious medical conditions like Stroke, Diabetes, Tuberculosis, Respiratory infections, chronic pulmonary diseases are some of the serious medical conditions that are known to be fatally dangerous . And yet none of them are as deadly as the  Coronary Heart Diseases , the leading cause of death, accounting for millions of deaths around the world today . Dr Alla Gopala Krishna Gokhale Heart and Lung Transplantation Surgeon Apollo Hospitals, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad


Contact Us: 9603040506 Website: WORLD HEART DAY - Awareness is the first step for prevention : Every day we hear at least one fatal case of heart disease that we ignore, assuming it to be natural which it need not be. The truth is 80% of the Coronary heart diseases are preventable by making healthy lifestyle changes . Every year World Heart Day is celebrated on September 29th to raise awareness about the possible dangers and preventive steps. And the first step to learn the preventive measure is to raise awareness about the medical condition . What is Coronary heart disease and why it so dangerous about it? And how can you prevent a dangerous condition?


Contact Us: 9603040506 Website: We know you’ve got your queries, so here we go : What are Coronary Heart Diseases (CHD )? The word Coronary in CHD comes from the network of Coronary arteries which supply oxygenated blood to the heart. Coronary heart disease happens when these arteries are blocked by plaque build-up or become too narrow restricting the oxygenated blood to the heart. This decreased blood flow may cause chest pain, shortness of breath and eventually a  heart attack .


Contact Us: 9603040506 Website: What is so dangerous about Coronary Heart diseases ? High Cholesterol is one of the major risk factors of heart diseases. But most people do not know if their cholesterol levels are high. A lean person and in good shape may have high cholesterol levels. But the risk of heart diseases increases exponentially as the cholesterol levels in blood increases and you may not know it . High blood pressure is another major risk factor for the blockage of the arteries leading to  heart disease . But the majority of people do not know they have high blood pressure unless they get it checked which they don’t . Both high levels of cholesterol and blood pressure are usually associated with older adults for whom the risk of heart diseases is high. But age is no limiting factor, a heart attack can occur at any age especially due to unhealthy lifestyle. Since people are untested for most of the major risk factors causing heart disease, they do not know the risk of heart disease until they experience the complications . Even the symptoms of heart disease sometimes can be different from one person to another even if the same type of heart disease. In most cases, the first symptom of the hidden heart disease is the heart attack itself.


Contact Us: 9603040506 Website: So what is so dangerous about Coronary heart disease ? Coronary heart disease can be fatal and you may not see it coming . Though Coronary heart diseases are leading causes of death worldwide they are treatable if their incidence is caught early. Most of the life-threatening  heart problems  can be effectively solved by medical intervention. So everyone needs to undergo screening test and heart risk assessments to help the doctors treatments that can help you get out of the impending danger . But how do you prevent Coronary Heart Disease ? Today   Cardiologists  can pace the heart if it loses it beat, can help the heart pump its blood, can unblock the blood flow by bypassing or putting a medical stunt on it. Even they can replace a failing heart with a healthy one, but how can you protect yourself when you don’t see the danger coming ? Simple , by preventing the risk of heart disease . Yes , you can significantly decrease the risk for 80% of the Coronary heart diseases by making a few small changes to our daily lives . To Contact ” Dr Gokhale” India’s   Top Cardiac Surgeon in Hyderabad   has performed 15000+ successful open-heart surgeries,  36 successful heart transplantations, and 4 Lung Transplantations.


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