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Dr Ron Perkins Orthodontics - http://perkinsorthodontics.com - Dr. Ronald C. Perkins, Dds is a well known Dallas Rockwall orthodontist. He has been providing superior care for over 25 years, and has developed a national reputation as one of the leading Sleep Disorder and TMJ specialists.


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Dr. Ron Perkins Dallas Tx

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Did you know that these common conditions can be a result of Sleep Disorder? If you didn’t and you are suffering from headaches, it might be time to see a professional and see if you suffer from a sleeping disorder.

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Did you know that these common conditions can be a result of Sleep Disorder? Weight Loss Would you like to lose weight? If yes, and you have already tried everything, here is the good news. If you have a sleep disorder and you get treatment, you may lose weight much easier. It has been proved by clinical studies that your metabolism shuts down if your sleep is interrupted and you do not burn the calories. In fact, you hoard your calories which contributes to weight gain Many of Dr. Perkins’ patients lose 10 to 15 pounds when their sleep is improved. Also, when you sleep better, you have more energy and it is much easier to exercise and burn more calories.

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Did you know that these common conditions can be a result of Sleep Disorder? Acid Reflux Do you have indigestion and/or acid reflux? This is a common symptom of sleep disorders. When your sleep is interrupted, you have a stress response because you have a temporary obstruction in your throat and you are literally sucking acid up from your stomach. Also, your diaphragm is contracting and pushing upward. It is the perfect storm of peptic acid forced up into your throat and airway, which further complicates the problem by causing inflammation and swelling in your throat.   Dr. Ronald C Perkins has helped many of his patients get off the acid reflux medication.

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Did you know that these common conditions can be a result of Sleep Disorder? Snoring I have bad news for some of you. If you snore, you have a sleep disorder. It may not be sleep apnea, unless you snore and stop breathing repeatedly. Snoring is one important sign that you are seriously damaging your health every single night. You are not getting quality sleep because your sleep cycle is being interrupted repeatedly throughout the night. If someone has told you that you stop breathing, which is very easy to tell when you snore and stop abruptly, you do have sleep apnea. Often this condition can be treated by Dr. Ronald Perkins using an oral appliance which you wear while you sleep

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Did you know that these common conditions can be a result of Sleep Disorder? Jumping when going to sleep When you start to fall asleep and just as you begin to dose off, do you notice a small jerk or slight jump? Some people call it a falling dream. This small jerk or possibly a snort as you start to snore is a major symptom of a sleep disorder. This jerk, jump, snort, or action is your reaction to your first obstruction. Many patients of Dr. Ronald C Perkins have insomnia because of this problem. The body does not want to go to sleep and stop breathing. This is one of the first symptoms to improve for many of the patients when treated for their sleep apnea or sleep disorder. They find they go to sleep much easier when wearing a sleep appliance.

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