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Zero Waste In Andover?:

Zero Waste In Andover? Candy Dann , 10-11-13

What Can I Recycle?:

What Can I Recycle? Single-Stream Recycling means put all your recyclables together…

What About ….?:

What About ….? YES All Paper and Cardboard Envelopes with windows Spiral bound notebooks Paperback and phone books All glass, metal, plastic and paper containers Bottles, cans, plastic jars Milk, juice, soup cartons Juice boxes Yogurt, butter tubs NO Plastic bags – save for the grocery store Styrofoam – save for UPS or Zero Waste Day Juice pouches String, wire, cables

Does It Really Get Recycled?:

Does It Really Get Recycled?

Why No Plastic Bags?:

Why No Plastic Bags?

PowerPoint Presentation:

Clothes in any condition Shoes, pocketbooks, belts, flip flops, underwear Torn, stained, worn clothes Stuffed animals Linens, towels, sheets No wet, oily, smelly or moldy items Clothing Recyclers Want It All - the “good, the bad and the ugly”!

Anything More? Food Waste is the Next Horizon:

Anything More? Food Waste is the Next Horizon Backyard Composting Vegetable peelings Fruit Bread Napkins, paper towels Town will order some composters at discounted prices if there are pre-paid orders. Secret hint: store up 2-3 bags of leaves in the fall next to your compost bin and always add a handful when you add food.

Beyond Backyard Composting:

Beyond Backyard Composting Curbside collection of food waste Hamilton and Wenham – doing it now Manchester and Ipswich - under consideration Cambridge, Newton - planning pilot tests Arlington, Winchester, Rockport – private firms offer to collect organics from individual household All Andover schools will soon be separating food waste All Commercial “Generators” of large amounts will have to separate food waste – grocery stores, etc

School Food Waste Diversion :

School Food Waste Diversion Now diverting food waste: Andover High Wood Hill Middle High Plain Elementary Starting this year: West Elementary West Middle Bancroft Elementary


Results Students teaching other students Parents, volunteers, teachers, staff, and students working together

Students Involved :

Students Involved AHS Students led the Middle School Assembly High Plain Elementary Art students took recycling into their art classes

Wood Hill Middle School 9-13-13:

Wood Hill Middle School 9-13-13

High Plain Elementary 9-13-13:

High Plain Elementary 9-13-13

Other Good Things In AHS:

Other Good Things In AHS Environmental Student Internship Class

What To Do With The Miscellaneous Waste?:

What To Do With The Miscellaneous Waste? Andover’s Zero Waste Day, Lazarus House, Project Home Again accept: Furniture, household items, decorations Clothes, linens ZWD also takes: Reusable construction materials Bikes, toys, books, and styrofoam Drop boxes at West Elementary School takes: Books (hardcover and paperback), CDs, DVDs, Best Buy takes Electronics, TVs, Staples takes Computers, printers, and related peripherals

Have We Forgotten Anything? Is This The Future Of The Trash Can?:

Have We Forgotten Anything? Is This The Future Of The Trash Can?

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