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Digital Platter as a reputed digital marketing company in Nagpur strives to bring to you all the highlights of Brandy update that gave a meaningful transformation to Google Indexing.


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Google Algorithm Update Brandy

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The concept of understanding synonyms was also fed into the huge Google brain Significant technology that made the searches more meaningfulIncorporated a variety of changes that displayed new signals of quality and relevance

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When did Quality and Relevance Became the Key Parameter of Google Algorithm It was on February 1 2004 when Brandy Update was released by Google Brandy had nothing to do with ranking algorithm yet it was a new turning point  Incorporated a variety of changes that displayed new signals of quality and relevance

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What Were the Five Important Changes that Brandy Brought to Picture Increase in Index Size Latent Semantic Indexing LSI Links and Anchor Text Links from Neighborhoods Tag-Based Optimization Reduces its Worth

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Brandy Update 1: Increase in Index Size Google indexing bug resolved Google Search index with an estimated size of 100000000 gigabytes contains more than 130 trillion unique webpages  The index size was earlier limited but the Brandy update increased the same to add more webpages to the Google database

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Brandy Update 2: Latent Semantic Indexing LSI Significant technology that made the searches more meaningful  Close semantic matches and close keyword analysis to any specific searches  The concept of understanding synonyms was also fed into the huge Google brain

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Brandy Update 3: Links and Anchor Text The update came into existence when Google realized that the quality of links was downgrading and only quantity was increasing The ranking system was then altered to shift the focus from thoughtless linking pattern to intelligent and relevant linking  Also came into the picture the importance of using relevant anchor texts Both inbound and outbound links started to define the authority of a specific website

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Brandy Update 4: Links from Neighborhood Here the question arises from where the link is generated Each link should have a relevant resource and a related topic The update also gave an opportunity to buy targeted inbound links from popular websites of same industry verticals.

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Brandy Update 5: Tag-Based Optimization Reduced Clever use of title tags headline tags and other tag-based optimization strategies downgraded The main purpose was to kill people’s mastery of manipulation Core update shifted to make LSI and linking more favorable

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What was the Known Impact of Brandy Increase the use of related words and synonyms as LSI technology works to index and fetch all such words with better ranking opportunities  Use outbound links to sites with good domain authority that matches the field of business or subject  Link swap becomes an important tool for generating high number of relevant inbound and outbound links Formulate a strategy to develop a strong linking within the website  Create mini sites or satellite sites for each topic of your website to attract more traffic for a specific keyword. However this is now considered a spam by latest updates.

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