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WOW!!!!!! V&G

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NOW, Let's konw each other! Hello, my name is… Flora

Let’s know each other!:

Let’s know each other! Name (Chinese name & English name) Hometown ( town, city and province) Family members Hobby or interests Personal things or private things Informal introduction Hello, everybody! I am Jessica. Nice to meet you. I am from Shijiazhuang, Hebei province. I have a happy family. I like listening to music but I am not good at singing songs.

What do you need for Vocabulary and Grammar class?:

What do you need for Vocabulary and Grammar class? New Headway Students book. A notebook and several pen s . A file for papers that I give you. A dictionary for looking up the new words.

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V&G Classes 8 classes every week. 4 classes 4 class es + Grammar point and exercises New words and exercises

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No. Week Assessment Activity Percentage % 1 2 Progressive Test 1 10% 2 4 Progressive Test 2 10% 3 5 Assignment 1 5% 4 6 Progressive Test 3 10% 5 8 Progressive Test 4 10% 6 9 Assignment 2 5% 7 10 Progressive Test 5 10% 8 14 Final Exam 30% 9 Continuous Weekly Vocabulary Test (Average) 10% Total 100%

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Rules Don’t be late! The door will be closed!

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Rules Be kind and polite to each other.

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Rules We work quietly in class so other people can work so everyone can hear the teacher so people can think properly so you can get on with your work

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Rules Try your best to be good and work hard

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Think about your behaviour

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Think about your behaviour


attitude A-t-t-i-t-u-d-e is everything. A - tt - i - tude is 100. Look up attitude in your dictionary .

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