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When Blaser created their Blaser over and under shotgun, it made headlines and really created a following for the over and under shotguns.To know more visit: https://www.doublegunsofnashville.com/


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When Blaser created their Blaser over and under shotgun it made headlines and really created a following for the over and under shotguns. This style of shotgun is like other shotguns but there are a few key diferences. The frst diference that most people notce is that the barrels are on top of each other instead of side by side. Aside from that there are a few pros and cons that consumers need to know before purchasing a Blaser over and under gun. Less shells When it comes to frepower these are not the best choice. If a person wants to be able to intmidate someone when they break into their house a weapon that can’t even hold three shells is simply not going to do it. For maximum frepower it’s best to go with something else.

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Reliability These are more reliable than pump acton styled weapons. They simply don’t jam as easily which is one of the reasons why people choose to go with them when it comes to shootng birds. It can be extremely disappointng to have that bird or clay target in the line of site just to have a weapon jam. Then by the tme it can be shot the bird is long gone. People that own an over and under style gun do not worry about that. Durability Over and under Blaser shotguns if made from a reputable manufacturer will last an extremely long tme. They will shoot out a thousand or so rounds and stll be good to go. This can’t always be said for other styles of shotguns though. Getng one from a manufacturer that is well-known like Blaser is usually a safe bet that it will be durable. It should be noted that these guns stll need to be properly taken care of and cleaned just like any other guns. Doing this will guarantee that they last if possible. Routne maintenance is a must. Cost Over and under style weapons are notorious for being more expensive. This is part of the reason they were not popular for so long. People that are not aware of the benefts merely see a gun that is more expensive with less fre power. Whether this weapon is worth it or not depends on the owner and what they are looking for in a weapon. Some people want one for home defence and conclude that it is not worth it. Some people want a reliable weapon to go shoot clay disks and for them it is well worth it. Making the decision to purchase a new weapon is a big one. What style of weapon that is depends on what a person is using it for. Every person should consider what they need the weapon for and then decide whether an over and under styled gun is right for them. They should keep these pros and cons in mind when making that decision to ensure that they get the proper weapon to meet all their needs instead of making a purchase that they will regret later. About Us: Double Guns of Nashville is a gun company based in Nashville Tennessee United States. It was created by two men with a love for guns. They were a shotgun instructor and a retred banker but they both loved guns and had a vision. Together they have created a company that strives to provide everyone with the best shotguns and rifes. They both provide instructon are knowledgeable about the products they sell and they have the experience to provide new customers with the assistance that they need. They also have a selecton of pre-owned shotguns for those shopping on a budget.

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