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The material of the hinge – You will find that door hinges for home are found in various materials and amongst them, the most common are brass, stainless steel, bronze, copper, pewter, and cast iron.


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Vital Aspects to Know About Door Hinges A hinge is considered hardware which is used for attaching doors to their frames. It is considered the pivot point to open and close the door. No matter you have been substituting your old door or have decided to have a new one you will always need hinges and they are a vital portion of the structure. Though all hinges look similar yet there are many kinds of hinges that serve various purposes. Selecting the ideal hinge is hugely important as choosing the door’s lockset and knob. Different factors that you should consider before buying door hinges The material of the hinge – You will find that door hinges for home are found in various materials and amongst them the most common are brass stainless steel bronze copper pewter and cast iron. The place where the door is located dictates the material that people require. For instance when it is the exterior door then you might prefer to use stainless steel hinges as they are corrosion-resistant materials. Again strap hinges are hugely common in cast iron or bronze and both these materials turn out to be highly rigid besides ideal for heavy and large doors. Finish and design of the hinges – Though functionality takes priority yet design and color too are highly important. Hinges are obtainable in a huge range of finishes like antique and polished brass oil rubbed bronze brushed nickel rust black and pewter. Again they are available in various designs too besides sizes and shapes. Some hinges feature ornate patterns too that are carved into the leaves of the hinges. Thickness and width of the door – The thickness weight and size of the doors do determine the hinges’ size that ought to be used. Door height – The number of hinges that you will require will be dependent on the door’s height. When there is a standard door then it will need three hinges but when the door is taller then you will need more. Features of a rim lock Rim locks are considered surface mounted locks and they get fitted to the door’s surface. You can easily screw a rim

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lock.The whole lock body of this lock remains visible post installation. Commonly the term “rim lock” is referred to as the method of installation in place of the locking method.A rim lock makes use of a spring-loaded deadlocking bolt or a sliding latch bolt.

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