Alphabet of Lines

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Alphabet of Lines :

Alphabet of Lines

Visible Line :

Visible Line Is a heavy with solid lines. It is used as out outline in drawing

Invisible Line:

Invisible Line Represents surfaces or edges hidden from the view by other parts. It is a broken and heavy line.

Dimension Line:

Dimension Line is light with arrowheads placed at the ends of the line. These are broken at the middle to provide space for dimension.

Cutting Plane Line:

Cutting Plane Line Consist of an imaginary line cut through an object. It is made up of long, heavy dashes, with two alternate dashes.

Center Line:

Center Line Is use to locate the center of an object, arcs, and circles.

Section Line:

Section Line Use in making section views. It is a medium line.

Long Break Line:

Long Break Line is a well-defined break line to show that a part of the drawing has been cut-off. It is a heavy line.

Short Break Line:

Short Break Line Is a freehand and heavy line showing part of an object has been broken off.

Border Line:

Border Line It is an extra-heavy line. It enclose drawing or work.

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