The Year of Miss Agnes

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The Year of Miss Agnes By Kirkpatrick Hill : 

The Year of Miss Agnes By Kirkpatrick Hill A Timeline Presentation

Chapter 1: 

Chapter 1 In a small village in Alaska, one of the teachers left the school because she did not like the smell of fish. Everybody ate fish for lunch!

Chapter 2: 

Chapter 2 A new teacher wearing pants came to the village. Her name was Miss Agnes.

Chapter 3: 

Chapter 3 During the first day of school Miss Agnes put a map of the world on the wall and brought a record player.

Chapter 4: 

Chapter 4 Fredericka, who is telling the story, talks about life in the village during winter. They trapped beavers at winter camp.

Chapter 5: 

Chapter 5 Miss Agnes gave the students new pencils, crayons, markers, and paper. They laughed about a color called “flesh.”

Chapter 6: 

Chapter 6 Miss Agnes taught the children how to write their name and birth date. She also read “Robin Hood” to them.

Chapter 7: 

Chapter 7 Miss Agnes showed the children, on the map, where they went hunting in the winter.

Chapter 8: 

Chapter 8 Fredericka’s sister, who was deaf, came to school. Miss Agnes taught her sign language.

Chapter 9: 

Chapter 9 In November many children left school to go to the trapline with their families. Marie stayed home to take of her brothers and sisters.

Chapter 10: 

Chapter 10 There was a dance in the village and everyone came. Miss Agnes did not like to dance.

Chapter 11: 

Chapter 11 Miss Agnes made a timeline that had Robin Hood, the war in England and the Russians coming to Alaska.

Chapter 12: 

Chapter 12 The children listened to music on the record player and learned about fairy tales.

Chapter 13: 

Chapter 13 One day two boys went out to cut a Christmas tree. It was 50 below zero. All the needles fell off on the way home!

Chapter 14: 

Chapter 14 The kids did not like to read Dick and Jane. So Miss Agnes wrote books about each one of them so they could read.

Chapter 15: 

Chapter 15 Miss Agnes taught the children how to speak properly. They shouldn’t say gots instead of has.

Chapter 16: 

Chapter 16 It was spring and Miss Agnes prepares to go home to England. Everyone was sad.

Chapter 17: 

Chapter 17 In September when everyone returned from fish camp, Miss Agnes was in her Cabin! Everyone was happy!

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