Lesson 9 daily routine and dating

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Unit 9: lessons A-B Person to Person

Level 2 On line resources: Student site : 

Level 2 On line resources: Student site http://elt.heinle.com/cgi-telt/course_products_wp.pl?fid=M20H&product_isbn_issn=0838406610&discipline_number=301&from_series_id=1000000381&subject_code=AYA01

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World Link Intro, Unit 9 Learning Objectives Frequency adverbs: always, usually, often, sometimes, hardly ever, never With the verb to be Jackie is always late for class With other verbs Jackie always gets up at 8:00 Yes/ No and Wh-questions about frequency A: When do you get up? B: I usually get up early at 7:00 A: Do you sometimes get up late? B: yes, sometimes. Most of the time during the weekend. Wh-questions about the subject Who do you work for? I work for Toyota A: Who works for Toyota? B: I do She does Mr. Wada does Daily Schedule I get up at 5:00 am, take a shower and get dressed…. Pronunciation: Sentence stress Saying hello, asking How is it going? A. Hey Stuart. How is it going?. B. Okay, I guess. Daily activities, habits and frequency I always get up at 7:30 Mari never has cereal for breakfast Javier is usually a happy person Dylan often checks his e-mail in the morning. Discuss dating customs James: In North America, dating in high school is common. What about in Venezuela? Lucy: That’s very common in our country, too. James: are you dating someone? Lucy: yes. I am. I’m dating Miguel. James: When you go on a date to the movies, who pays for the movie? Lucy: Miguel usually pays but sometimes I pay. Things to Do and Say Grammar Points to Practice

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.get up take dressed Check e mail Work get Go to bed Get up take get work get Go to bed

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Mike’s busy Day: Time and schedules

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Daniel: How do you spend your day, Helen? Helen: Well, on weekdays I get up around ten. Then I read the paper for an hour and have lunch at about noon. Daniel: Really? What time do you go to work? Helen: I start work at three. Daniel: And when do you get home at night? Helen: I get home pretty late, around midnight. Daniel: So what do you do, exactly? Helen: I'm a TV announcer. Don't you recognize me? I do the weather report on KNTV! Daniel: Gee, I’m sorry. I don't watch TV.

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talking x x x x

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He always take a shower Hardly ever goes home Are always Often have dinner Sometimes eat Is always Never does his homework

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Yes/ No and Wh-questions about frequency A: When do you get up? B: I usually get up early at 7:00 A: Do you sometimes get up late? B: yes, sometimes. Most of the time during the weekend.

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common match Spit the bill date different similar pays

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elena jason In Ho jason Elena In Ho

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b F d a e a business Steve Steve diego diego Likes going to the movies steve

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Homework!!!! Photo story! Write a 4 paragraph composition. Describe your daily activities: morning, afternoon, evenings and nights. Close your composition telling about dating in Venezuela. Draw some pictures, use computer images, or take your own photos. Use this model to help you tell about your daily routine, habits and frequency. (use always, sometimes, never, etc). PowerPoint +voice recording Don’t forget to check with a tutor and use the check speller in your computer.

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get go do go get take get Check day Get up dressed have check go do in home watch take Go to bed Workbook!!!!

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Good Not bad Ok, I guess It could be better Not so good Don´t ask

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Max often drinks coffee Max and Toshi always eat breakfast Ana is usually a good student Toshi and Ana never drink coffee Ana and Max are sometimes late for class Jane never eats breakfast Jane is seldom late for class Toshi often gets up early

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co on ill pa imilar dat ifferent atch who Where who Where what where who what Where do you go after class What do you eat for lunch Who speaks english very well Where do you go to school What do you do on sunday

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Eliana lives in Brazil She works in an office She lives in Miami Katherine works in a restaurant Her Hobbies are music, cartoons and shopping Becky likes sports Eliana is a good match for catherine Because they both like reading and music

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Min Song -Gyu 20 Songgyu@han.com Seoul Korea Music, baseball, drawing Monday to Friday: study at Central University Saturday and Sunday: Work in a dance club

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