Lesson 5. Going Places

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New Interchange 2 Level V Msc. Doris de Martins

Going Places : 

Going Places Vacations Travel plans Future with be going to and will Modals for necessity and suggestions

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A. Listen to the conversation and answer the following questions How much time do the students have off? What is Nancy going to do? What’s Julia going to do? What is she going to do in Florida? Why does Julia invite Nancy to go with them? Does Nancy accept the invitation? B. Listen again and summarize the conversation. This conversation is about two girls that are going on vacations. They are ……. They have two weeks She isn’t sure. She’s going to go to Florida. She’s going to take long walks along the beach and do lot of swimming. She invites Nancy to go with her and her family Yes, she does.

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’m going to will ’m going to going to are ‘ll Are ‘ll going to ‘m going to Are going to won’t

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Hiking boots, shorts, windbreaker, T-shirt Cash, credit card, travelers checks, ATM card First-aid kit, medication, vaccination, vitamins Passport, plane ticket. Visa, driver’s license Backpack, overnight bag, suitcase, briefcase

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Homework! Read page 33 and work on activities A and B You won some money in a lottery. Plan an interesting trip around the world. Use these questions and draw a chart like these: Go to http://www.lonelyplanet.com/destinations/

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