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New Interchange Level IV: 

New Interchange Level IV It’s a very exciting city! Unit 11

It’s a very exciting city!: 

It’s a very exciting city! Describing hometowns, cities, and countries. Adjectives Beautiful/exciting/interesting Adverbs Very/ fairly/pretty Conjuctions However/though

Adjectives: What’s the opposite of….?: 

Adjectives: What’s the opposite of….? Beautiful Big Cheap Clean Hot Intersting Safe Relaxing Boring Dangerous Dirty Expensive Stressful Small Ugly cold

Describing cities: conversation: 

Describing cities: conversation Listen and answer the following questions: Part A Where’s Ken from? What’s Toronto like? What’s the weather like in the winter? What about during the summer? How’s the weather during the spring and fall? Part B What does Ken say about entertainment in Toronto? Would you like to visit Toronto? Why? He’s from Toronto, Canada. It’s fairly big city, but not too big. The nightlife is good, too. It’s pretty cold. It’s nice very hot and humid There’s wonderful theater and music. There are some pretty fun dance clubs and really terrific jazz clubs, too


Linda: Where in Canada are you from, Ken? Ken: I’m from Toronto. Linda: Oh, I’ve never been there. What’s it like? Ken: It’s a fairly big city, but it’s not too big. The nightlife is good, too. Linda: Is it expensive there? Ken: No, it’s not too bad. Linda: And what’s the weather like in Toronto? Ken: Well, it’s pretty cold in the winter, and very hot and humid in the summer. It’s nice in the spring and fall, though.

Describing a city: 

Describing a city What’s your city like? Is it an interesting place? Is it very big? Is it safe? Is it clean? Is it very expensive? What’s the night life like? What’s the weather like? Do you like it there?


Homework Write a composition about a city you have visited or would like to visit. Use the hand out about how well do you know your city? Draw a poster inviting people to visit your city. Read pag. 71 and work on activities A, B and C

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