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World Link Unit 11: That’s amazing! Lessons A: Special Talents Lessons B: Amazing Achievements

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Unit 11 Page 114

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Unit 10 Page 105

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Unit 10 Page 105

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Unit 11 Page 117

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Unit 11 Page 119

Homework! : 

Homework! Don’t forget to ……. 1. Post your talent (PowerPoint, photo story or poster) in your blog at the EFL University. You can record your voice and add images. 2. Read your classmates compositions and leave a comment. 3. Take the worldlink quiz for this lesson. 4. Make the internet exercises from the on line worldlink page. And send them to your teacher. 5. Post the results of your quiz and your internet activities in your blog. Use this questions to tell about your talent… What’s your talent? What can you do ? What are you good at? What do you need to do it? Explain how to do something related to your talent. Show some proof of what you say you can do. Share with the class

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