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Contents: Topic: Modern Trends and fashions Vocabulary: Family statistics; style and fashion. Grammar: Quantity expressions; giving advice with could, should, ought to and had better. Functions: Disagreeing.

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Lesson A Modern Family trends Vocabulary Link 15 % 70 % 100% a majority of : more than half, but not all. doubled / tripled / quadrupled Twice / three times One fifth 1/5 One half ½ Two thirds 2/3

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Language Link. Quantity Expressions They are used to talk about amounts. All of Most of A lot of Some of A couple of None of my friends follow trends. my homework is finished. All of these quantity expressions, except * a couple of, can be used with both count and noncount nouns.

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4 times quadrupled two thirds A majority of

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x x x x x x x x x x

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All A couple None Most All Some A lot Most

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Lesson B In Style Follow: to go after something, to chase Individual : personal, different from others, single, separate Innovative : creative, new Look (n): one's general appearance, esp. a good one Makeover: an update in style, a renovation or renewal Old-fashioned : no longer in common use, out-of-date Outstanding: excellent, extraordinary Stylish : fashionable, attractive Tailor made : custom-made, cut and finished by a tailor to fit perfectly

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Language link: Giving advice with could, should, ought to, and had better. Use should or ought to to give advice: You should get a makeover. ought to Use could or might to make a suggestion. They are weaker than should or ought to. Do not use the negative form of could or might to make a suggestion You could wear your new dress to the party.

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Use had better (not) to give strong advice. It sometimes sounds like a warming: You had better wear a suit. It’s a formal occasion. You couldn’t wear your new dress to the party. You might not wear your new dress to the party. These are not suggestions

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2 3 4 5 6 7 8

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my brother casual New York Hong Kong Classic store in neighborhood mother

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doesn’t pay week 6 “No way”

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could should had better had better not could shouldn’t ought to had better could had better not

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