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EFL student describing her dream vacation


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Name: Lorena, Alvarez C.I: 18.807.477 Section: D522 Teacher: Doris Martins English, Level 5

Dream Vacation: 

Dream Vacation I’m going to travel to the U.S. state of Arizona, on July 18 Here, I’m going to visit the Grand Canyon (one of the first national parks in the United States). In the Grand Canyon I’m going to hunt and enjoy the scenery; I´m going to spend three days in U.S, state Arizona. View from the North Rim of the Grand Canyon

Dream Vacation: 

Dream Vacation Then I’m going to New York City, here I see the Brooklyn Bridge, and I’m going to visit the neighborhoods of Manhattan and Brooklyn, and I’m going to go shopping. After that I’m going to Times Square (Stay here for 5 days). View from the Brooklyn Brigde Brooklyn Bridge in the Night

Dream Vacation: 

Dream Vacation Times Square

Dream Vacation: 

Dream Vacation Next, I´m going to Paris, France and I’m going to visit the Louvre Museum (is one of the most important museums in the world, With more than eight million visitors in 2006 is by far the most visited art museum in the world). And I’m going to visit other museums nearby. I stay in Paris five days

Pictures of Louvre museum: 

Pictures of Louvre museum Virgen del canciller Autorretrato, Durero, 1493             La Gioconda, por Leonardo da Vinci


La Virgen, el Niño Jesús y santa Ana, por Leonardo da Vinci Esculturas destacadas Sculpturals more importants: El escriba sentado, del Antiguo Egipto. Venus de Milo, de la Antigua Grecia. Victoria alada de Samotracia. Cupido y Psique, de Antonio Canova.

Dream Vacation: 

Dream Vacation Finally, I´m going to travel to Camboya, I’m going to visit the Angkorvat Temple. And I’m going to home on August 2.


The necesities for traveling (U.S, New york, Paris and Camboya): I have to get a visa, a passport, I need to pack too many clothes, I have to check the weather, I need to take money (of course), I to take a credit card,I have to make hotel reservations,I must to take hiking boots, warm clothes and I should be take a camera.



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