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Joining Artstonia! By Pionia Destiny

At the gate in Artstonia : 

At the gate in Artstonia

Getting the metter : 

Getting the metter Right click the Azora board ad get the meter. Pay 1 linden (it’ll be given back)

Right click to get the honor trade system : 

Right click to get the honor trade system

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Right click the board to get the AV- Women or Men RP Care Package.

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Enter Artstonia Market and walk all the way down main street

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Get to the teleporter

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Rick click the teleporter and get the menu. Click on teleport

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Get to the square market

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Start role playing… say : Greetings to the Artstonians

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Walk to the Baine (the pub)

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Right click the door to enter the Baine

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Walk to the end of the room and look for the poster

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Right click the poster to join the Artstonia Members Society

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Right click to get a link to the wiki

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After you have been registered as an Artstonia Wanderer… wear your meter

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Introduce yourself to the Role players and have fun

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