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World Link Unit 3 Lesson A: Unsolved Mysteries Lesson B: Mysteries of the world

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Contents: Topic: Food and Restaurants Vocabulary: Describing foodsbuttery, crunchy, sweet, bland . . . Grammar: The comparative form of adjectives. The superlative form of adjectives Functions: Offering andsuggesting

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Skills to practice:

Unit 1 Page 2 Lesson A : 

Unit 1 Page 2 Lesson A

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Unit 1 Page 2 Lesson A

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The Empty House - Part 1 of 6 (Sherlock Holmes) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nmUjVtwU5J8&feature=related

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Unit 1 Page 3 Lesson A

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Unit 1 Page 3 Lesson A

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http://videos.howstuffworks.com/discovery/4569-archaeologists-explore-an-urban-legend-video.htm http://people.howstuffworks.com/urban-legend.htm

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Find information in Internet about Urban legends about : Write about a famous, but short urban legend from the world Write about a famous, but short urban legend from your country, city or town Record your voice telling about your presentation. The most famous cautionary urban legend is the "hook-hand killer" tale. In this story, a young couple on a date drive off to a remote spot to "park." Over the radio, they hear that a psychopath with a hooked hand has escaped from a local mental institution. The girl wants to leave, but her boyfriend insists there's nothing to worry about. After a while, the girl thinks she hears a scratching or tapping sound outside the car. The boyfriend assures her it's nothing, but at her insistence, they eventually drive off. When they get to the girl's house, the boyfriend goes around to the passenger side to open her door. To his horror, there is a bloody hook hanging from the door handle.

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Student Tools: World Link Intro Book - Developing English Fluency http://elt.heinle.com/cgi-telt/course_products_wp.pl?fid=M20H&product_isbn_issn=0838406653&discipline_number=301&from_series_id=1000000381&subject_code=AYA01 …Level 5… Links….to remember!

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…Level 5… EFL University http://efluniversity.ning.com/group/efluniversitylevel5group

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