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World Link UNIT 2 LET’S EAT

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Contents: Topic: Food Vocabulary: Adjectives describing foods; restaurants experiences Grammar: The comparative and superlative form of adjectives. Functions: Offering and Suggesting

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Foods we like

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MORE ADJECTIVES: Hot Bitter (acid) Tasty: delicious Rich Appetizing/ unappetizing Peppery (spicy) Savory/sweet Stale (not fresh) Raw (uncooked)

Unit 2 Page 12 Lesson A: Vocabulary Link : 

Unit 2 Page 12 Lesson A: Vocabulary Link

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v delicious, crispy, juicy bland oily, good, tasty, too sweet

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Why don’t we Why don’t we How about How about Why don’t we

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Language Link larger simple spicier crowded relaxing more delicious more interesting sweeter more delicious nicer more crowded redder

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Lesson B Eating out

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e c f b d a Lesson B Eating out!

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v fast life farmers Europe members

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vegetables fish water green tea gardening walking deep breathing exercises massage

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researcher centenarians habits attitude

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* You can use prepositional phrases after the superlative: Mount Everest is the highest mountain un the world. *You can use one of to show that something or someone is part of a group: Jim, Kim, and Amy scored 100% on the test. Amy is one of the best students in our class.

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sweet the largest the simplest The spiciest the most delicious the most interesting Down home: “Just like in your home region”

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the most romantic the most difficult the most popular the noisiest the most exciting the best the largest the cheapest

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