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A Ning + Wiki + Blog Experience! : 

By Doris Molero, Msc. Qatar University, 26 Feb. 2009. Making the Most out of Social Web Tools to Create New Learning Cultures for Your 21st Century Classes By Buthaina Al-Othman A Ning + Wiki + Blog Experience!

Ning and Wikis : 

Ning and Wikis Allow you to create your own social network for anything you are interested in… Wikis are often used to create collaborative websites and to power community websites. The collaborative encyclopedia Wikipedia is one of the best-known wikis. Facebook Integration from Your Network Groups Member Chat Video Feature & Branded Video Players Discussion Forum Photos Feature & Branded Photo Slideshows RSS Feeds In and RSS Out Custom Text & Widgets

What’s about? : 

What’s about? In the EFL University teachers and students have FUN = Frivolous. Unanticipated. Nonsense to learn together in English and Spanish and any other language that we encounter in the world.

Who’s here? : 

Who’s here? Teachers from the world

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Students from the world

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International visitors! International visitors!

What do we do here? : 

What do we do here? Connect EFL students to the world through conversations... and tagging and aggregating Combine face-to-face learning and on-line learning Get Multiliterated Use Web 2.0 tools to learn EFL Learn Formally and Informally Have F.U.N Frivoulus Unanticipated Nonsense

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First Ning Experience: International Collaboration

Slide 9: Blog + Wiki + Social Network + virtual worlds + ESP Jan-Apr09 trimester English for Work Group Engineering School

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