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World Link Unit 9: The Mind Lessons A: How’s your memory? Lessons B: In your dreams

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World Link Book 1, Unit 9 Learning Objectives Simple Past Irregular verbs I forgot my iPod at home I didn’t forget my mp3, though Question Forms Did you study for the exam? Yes, I did. No, I didn’t. When did you study? I studied last night Reunions and old classmates Do you have a good or a bad memory? Do you usually remember or forget things? Expressing degrees of certainty A: Is your teacher from North America? B: Maybe, I am not sure A: Are your books in your desk? B: Yes, they are A: Is your math teacher a vegetarian B: I have no idea. Agreeing and disagreeing A: I think the matrix is a good movie. B: Yeah, I agree. C: Sorry, but I disagree. In my opinion… Early memories A: As a child I lived with my family in a small town. B: when I was a child I used to play with my sisters in the yard. Sweet dreams:: Expressions with dream In your dreams Things to Do and Say Grammar Points to Practice Level 4

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Unit 7 Page 71

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Unit 7 Page 71

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Unit 7 Page 73

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Homework! 1. Post your composition in your blog at the EFL University. You can record your voice and add images. 2. Read your classmates compositions and leave a comment. 3. Take the worldlink quiz for this lesson. 4. Make the internet exercises from the on line worldlink page. And send them to your teacher. 5. Post the results of your quiz and your internet activities in your blog. Interview a friend and ask her about a drem he or she had. Tell him or her about a dream you had. Ake him or her what the dreams mean.

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