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World Link:

World Link Unit 4 lessons A and B What are you doing? At School

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Level 1 On line resources: Student site http://elt.heinle.com/cgi-telt/course_products_wp.pl?fid=M20H&product_isbn_issn=0838406610&discipline_number=301&from_series_id=1000000381&subject_code=AYA01

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World Link Intro, Unit 4 Learning Objectives The present continuous A: What are you doing? B: I’m listening to music. Spelling Rules Cook - cooking Study - studying Extended time Actions happening right now I’m studying for a test right now. Craig is talking on the phone Actions happening these days I’m taking six classes this trimester Maria is studying at engineering school Things we do A: What are you doing? B: I’m listening to music. . How are you doing? A. Hi, Mary. How are you doing? B. Great. How about you? Pronunciation: Question intonation Are you cooking? What are you doing? Taking about school subjects A: what school do you go to? B: I go to Engineering school in URBE. A. What are your favorite subjects? B. English and math. What about you?. A: what classes are you taking this trimester? B: I’m taking a six classes… a math class, an English class, …. A: How are you doing in your classes? B: I’m dong well in English but I’m not doing so well in math. Things to Do and Say Grammar Points to Practice

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Extra practice: record these expressions on your phone or computer and listen again.

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Tell about what you are doing and your school life. Interview a friend and tell us everything you find out What’s your name? What are you doing right now? What school do you go to? What trimester are you in? Are you a freshman, sophomore, junior or senior? What are your favorite subjects? What classes are you taking this trimester? How are you doing in your classes? Homework!!!!!

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Listening Cooking Reading Reading Singing Watching Playing Exercising Eating Sleeping Studying Reading Listening Eating Playing Cooking Watching

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e c d f h g a b Carlos is writing an e-mail They are listening to a CD Susan is talking on her cell phone We are eating pizza Min-chul is watching his new DVD He isn't sleeping I'm not singing We aren't watching TV You aren't studying hard Sally isn't talking to her partner

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Is John playing tennis? Is she listening to music? Are Mr. and Mrs. Sosa exercising? Are you watching a movie? Are we learning english? He is answering letters Yes, he is reading e-mail messages She´s talking to new customers They are meeting with Mr. Pak No, he isn´t. He´s writing reports Ahmed is answering the phones No, she isn´t. She´s working at the computer

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ritting mat S cien e Histor iterature En lish ar B ssines Cookin usic Science History History Literature English English English Business Music Writting Writing Writing Art Art Cooking

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Felix Haiji Egyptian North American Studies U.S. History American Literature English Math Business Listening to music Basketball

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