Unit 11. clothes

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Unit 11: Lessons A-B Clothing

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a q p d L m g n k e i h j f o b c

Internet resources : 

Internet resources http://tech.worlded.org/docs/clothing/trivia.html http://tech.worlded.org/docs/clothing/clothesquiz.html Clothing Picture Vocabulary Clothing page 1 (belt - pants) Clothing page 2 (sandals - skirt) Clothing page 3 (sneakers - tie) Clothing Picture Vocabulary Exercises Clothing Vocabulary Exercise 1 Clothing Vocabulary Exercise 2 Clothing Vocabulary Exercise 3 Clothing Vocabulary Exercise 4 Clothing Memory Game Hangman with Clothing Crossword Puzzle - Clothing (Printable for personal or classroom use.) (396 Kb, pdf) Crossword Puzzle Solution- Clothing (pdf)

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1 2 3

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Conversation QuestionsClothes & Fashion : 

Conversation QuestionsClothes & Fashion About how much money do you spend on clothes a year? Do you like shopping for new clothes? Do you often buy new clothes? Do you prefer to go shopping or just browse? Why? Do you think men should be allowed to wear skirts? What piece of clothing do you spend your money on the most? Why? Do you read fashion magazines? Do you sometimes wear a hat? Do you think it is important to wear fashionable clothes? (Do you think it is important to be in fashion?) Do you wear jewelry? If so, what kind of jewelry do you wear? How often do you wear jewelry? Do you wear the same color clothes now that you wore ten years ago? Do you wear the same size clothes this year as you wore last year? Do you think people feel different when they wear different clothes? Have you ever made your own clothes? If so, what did you make? Do you often make your own clothes?

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f h e g b a d c

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