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The article sheds light on some different types of abstract paintings. When creating an abstract piece of art there is a huge array of techniques, styles and approaches to choose from.


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Abstract Arts Its Types When we talk about abstract paintings it is vital to understand that the artist is solely responsible for the theme to be abstracted and to what degree. There is no doubt that impressionist art paintings and abstract art paintings both rely on the various components of art such as colors texture shape line etc. However abstract artworks normally have a reality touch and the final painting is a part of this abstraction. Abstract art is also known as a ‘non-objective art’ geometric abstraction and even concrete art. These terms are an umbrella term used to define paintings which don’t portray identifiable objects. The key idea behind abstract paintings as well as impressionist paintings for sale is almost similar – the formal characteristics of every painting is valuable just like representational qualities. To understand this better look at this example. There is a painting with a bad drawing of an object but the colors are beautiful and amazing. This badly drawn painting will be considered a fine piece of art due to the exquisite color work. This represents how a color can take over a representational drawing quality.

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Owing to such classifications abstract paintings are categorized into different types. Let’s take a look: a Geometric abstraction: Also known as concrete art or non-objective art. This type of abstract paintings feature non-realistic imagination. Circles triangles rectangles squares etc. are common characteristics of these paintings. With no relevant trace of the real world geometric abstraction is considered as the uncontaminated form of abstraction. There have been many famous paintings representing geometric abstraction and there are many places in the world which offer only geometric abstract artwork for sale. b Emotional abstract art: This form of abstract art is a mix of different styles the most common being the naturalistic tendency. This natural ability is very clearly depicted in the form of shapes and colors engaged for the abstract artwork. Emotional abstract art is the exact opposite of geometric abstract paintings – one in which nature plays a vital role but the representation ways are lesser. There are two very important sources of this kind of abstract art: 1 surrealism 2 organic abstraction. c Gestural abstract art: This form of abstract art makes the process of painting more important than usual. In this type of abstract expressionism paints are generally applied in non-traditional ways and the brushwork is often loose and quick. The modern abstract art is a form of contemporary art. Its the shapes and forms of abstract art that makes it different as they vary from artist to artist however the spirit and soul remains the same.

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