Abstract Paintings aka Informal Visuals

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Though abstract art paintings can be found in several art festivals and online stores, but the real concept behind the creation of such paintings is mostly unknown. This article talks about important characteristics of abstract art.


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Abstract Paintings aka Informal Visuals Many art patrons totally disagree with modern abstract paintings. To them Modern abstract wall art is the real art and expressionism or abstract art work does not showcase even a faint connectivity to art. No matter what people say abstract art is an unseparated part of modern art. Also it cannot be ignored that there have been various instances where abstract art is seen to be dominating the various aspects of contemporary art. Exhibitions art museums auctions and fairs abstract paintings can be found in every nook and corner. In the 21 st century abstract art has obtained quite a reputation in the art world.

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Before criticizing abstract art pieces it is important to understand what actually is abstract art. Over the years there have been constant debates to determine the birth year and the founder/founders of abstract art. After many arguments and discussions it was decided to treat the 1910s as the era during which abstract art first came into existence. After the birth year was sorted the next issue that emerged was the definition - different people advised different viewpoints. An abstract art piece contains a common language of colors lines forms and shapes to communicate with the audience. The abstract artist keeps the work away from a common interpretation and is independent of varied visual references. The abstract paintings for sale don’t portray any definite person shape or thing – even if it does – the art work shows no contrast. The abstract artists create their masterpieces on a common theory – reality differs with different point-of-view. Artists are not concerned about the figurative explanation of their work they communicate to understand the actual meaning of reality. The main feature of an abstract painting is that the end product is often vague. The audience cannot exactly calculate what the artist wants to convey. This is the most important feature of a modern abstract art – using colors shapes and lines visual sensation to show that reality is personal and is different for everyone. As we know the emergence of most art movements depends greatly on cultural and historical situations. Portraying human sufferings in a realistic way during the wars and other crisis was quite a challenge to the artists. During its peak years in the 1950s 1960s and 1970s abstract

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expressionism was catered as the purest form of abstract art and numerous original abstract paintings are available for sale. The technological pace discovered new aspects of modern art such as geometric abstraction digital art and hard-edge paintings to name a few. In the end it is important to keep in mind abstract artists react to their social happenings and developments through their paintings. Let the imagination of the people run wild and not stay confined to the walls of a human brain.

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