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Don Yearin Attorney Serving Scottsdale : Grounds for an Elder Neglect and Abuse Lawsuit


Don Yearin, an attorney serving the Scottsdale community, specializes in personal injury cases, and in pursuing the best outcomes possible for each client in every case. One area of Yearin’s expertise is that of Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect; cases that involve the many forms of abuse (neglect, physical, emotional, financial, healthcare fraud and so on) commonly experienced by members of the elderly community.


A personal injury attorney in the Scottsdale area, Don Yearin understands how particularly vulnerable many members of the elderly population are, as well as how often that vulnerability is taken advantage of within the elderly care community. He also knows that abandonment and neglect, forms of elderly abuse, make up nearly half of all cases, and can include:


• Unsafe or unsanitary living conditions • Absence or lack of personal hygienic care • Malnutrition and unusual weight loss • Physical conditions that go untreated • Desertion of the elderly in public places • Unsuitable heating or cooling conditions


Negligence, as Yearin knows, can be difficult to prove, as many factors and regulatory standards are considered over the course of any particular case. However, this doesn’t mean that suspicions of neglect should go untended. If such a suspicion arises, it is important to take action quickly, as well as to retain all photographs and documents that have potential application in a given case.


Don Yearin has a track record for success in personal injury cases. If you suspect elderly neglect or abuse, don’t wait to find representation. Contact the Yearin Law Firm today at (480) 502-0708.


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