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Capital Punishment: An effective modern justice tool?:

Capital Punishment: An effective modern justice tool? The Death Penalty or state sanctioned execution for certain crimes has been around since the beginning of recorded history. It's use has progressively declined in recent times, most developed industrial countries have abolished it or have it on the books but no longer use it. The United States ranks right in-between Iraq and Yemen in terms of total persons executed in 2011.

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The red countries in red have the death penalty as a legal form of punishment Dark orange countries have it, but haven't used it for 10+ years Yellow has abolition except under extreme circumstances(War Crimes or massacres) Blue Countries do not use the death penalty Map from, last modified August 12 th 2012

Death penalty in the United States:

Death penalty in the United States The death penalty is not evenly administered in the United States. Conservative southern states carry out the majority of executions(with certain states like Texas doing significantly more than others). Non-white minority groups face a disproportionate amount of the capital punishment sentences handed out. Income and access to adequate trial defense plays a role in who get's sentenced to death.

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Red states still practice the death penalty Orange means it has been declared unconstitutional Blue states have abolished New Mexico has abolished but wasn't applied retroactively to death row inmates. Map from, last modified May 4 th 2012

Problems with the death penalty:

Problems with the death penalty Here's a few key arguments against the death penalty: It costs a massive amount of money at the expense of other state resources; such as law enforcement. It's deterrent effects are questionable and research that asserts it's effectiveness is deeply flawed. Mistakes have been and will continue to be made in terms of convicting the wrong person. These mistakes are irreversible and may cause increased suffering to all involved parties.

Abolition: the only real solution.:

Abolition: the only real solution. Even if you don't disagree with the death penalty morally, it's become clear that the system has massive flaws on multiple fronts. More efficiency could put more innocent lives on the injection table or even put us in violation of our constitution and UN conventions on human rights. Going slower, like in the case of California, takes years for the actual execution to take place and burns a large sum** of funds vs. life without parole.

Moving forward: Abolishing the death penalty or reducing it's use:

Moving forward: Abolishing the death penalty or reducing it's use If you aren't convinced beyond a reasonable doubt that the death penalty is effective or necessary, consider voting yes on prop 34 to overturn the California death penalty. To get more involved, you can volunteer with the yes on prop 34 folks, or explore other organizations that work for abolition such as Amnesty International and (national orgs)

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