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Social media used by Diocese of Kalyan


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Diocese of Kalyan : 

Diocese of Kalyan Fr. Sinto Chalissery Jomy Jos Pullokaran Donny Davis Diviny Davis

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Diocese of Kalyan was formed in the year 1988 This year our Diocese will be celebrating its Silver Jubilee. Diocese of Kalyan covers the regions of Mumbai, Thane, Raigad, Nasik and Pune with a strength of 106 parishes.

Mass Communication : 

Kalyan Bulletin .. A monthly issue Almost 50% of our parishes have their own monthly newsletters (Manna, Light,etc), Also video documentaries and audio CDs are being made Catechism news letters, News letters of Social activities etc. are distributed both as soft and hard copies Mass Communication

Google Groups : 

Being together is what we always look forward for.. All the priest in our Diocese with the help of these virtual groups created, communicate messages among them, share and appreciate each other and their views. Similarly we have groups for Mathrusangam (Mothers group), Pithruvedi, Catechism and Youth Google Groups

Social media : 

Social media is being used to a great extent by the Diocese of Kalyan Facebook Youtube Blogs Twitter Social media

Facebook : 

Almost 70% of our parishes have their own Facebook groups We also have 14 zones with their very own active groups and pages Kalyan Eparchy Youth (KEY) also has its ever blooming and charming group in facebook Event pages are being created for every activity being organised to get the count of participants and also to keep the spirits high. Facebook

Facebook : 

Photos and videos of parish level, zonal level and diocesan activities is being uploaded, liked and shared on Facebook every week. Post by Priest and Parishioners help to create more linking and feeling of togetherness in the community. Group Chats a helping hand. Facebook

Youtube : 

Promotional videos for every activity organized are created and uploaded on this video live streaming website (eg. Ads for KEY Marathon, etc..) Also videos of skits, street plays and dance of every event are shared within the faithful. Links to all these are also provided on Facebook, Google Plus and Orkut. Youtube

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