How To Create High Converting Landing Pages In Minutes

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How to easily create a high converting landing page in minutes … In the world of online marketing creating optimized landing pages or squeeze pages that convert can often be daunting task especially if you have no coding experience. No matter what your website’s purpose your success depends on conversions. High traffic can be a worthy goal but all the traffic on the web won’t matter if none of your visitors buy your product sign up for your newsletter or contact you about your services. Expert marketers can spend hours designing testing and tweaking a single landing page in order to boost their conversion rates… but not all of us can afford to spend hours optimizing a single page. You could save time by hiring a professional to design a high-converting landing page for you but custom designs can be prohibitively expensive. Many of us just don’t have the budget to pour all that money into a single page on our website. So how can you increase your conversion rates without spending hundreds of hours or dollars How I create landing pages in minutes I found a product which would make creating landing pages as simple as a few clicks here and there. The product is called WP Profit Builder. This plugin makes it quick and easy to create highly effective and professional-looking landing pages without breaking the bank. WP Profit Builder is a WordPress plugin for creating landing pages. The plugin includes professionally designed templates for a variety of page types and a drag- and-drop editor that allows you to easily build your own layouts or customize any of the included templates. The plugin works with any theme so you don’t need to redesign your entire website just to use it. However it also comes with an optional theme you can use. WP Profit Builder includes a library of over 60 templates you can use and modify with new templates continuing to be added.

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And the templates aren’t all landing pages. There are also templates for:  Home pages  About pages  Member portals  Coming Soon pages  Local marketing pages  Webinar pages  Product review pages  Affiliate pages  FAQ pages  Testimonial pages  …and more WP Profit Builder features There are a few WordPress plugins and themes out there for building landing pages so what sets WP Profit Builder apart Here are a few of the features that impressed me:  It’s quick easy and self-explanatory you can literally install the plugin and publish a professional-looking sales page in less than 5 minutes  Includes 60+ templates to choose from for all kinds of pages with new designs continually being added at no extra fee  Modify and customize any template or build your own from scratch using the drag-and-drop editor  The live preview feature makes it easy to see exactly what the page will look like without having to keep switching browser tabs  Includes lots of different modules for the drag-and-drop editor including text and images video and audio embeds countdown timer buttons pricing tables testimonials graphs and charts etc  Add background videos to any page  All designs are responsive and designed to look great on any size screen  Tons of integrations including MailChimp AWeber Constant Contact Paypal Clickbank GoToWebinar WooCommerce and more  Here’s a big one: there’s just a one-time charge no monthly or annual fees with a 60-Day 100 money back guarantee

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With this plugin you can easily create any kind of webpage you want either completely from scratch or by utilizing their extensive template library which currently has 60+ different template layouts. The plugin comes with an easy to use drag and drop builder which allows you to easily create the layout you want without changing your chosen WordPress theme. However if you want you can also use their own theme at no extra charge.

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Page Builder overview When you create a new page in your Dashboard creating an optimized marketing page or any other kind of page is literally a click of a button away. All you need to do is name your page save it as a draft and then click on the WP Profit Builder button in WordPress visual editor. After that you are presented with the following screen: As you can see from the screen shot above every option is at your fingertips. You can control and add virtually any element to your page from: menus sidebars videos to Facebook comments regular comments search bar and much more. When you click on any element a right sidebar appears giving you full control over the appearance of the selected element:

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After this you can load a specific template which you downloaded earlier and once you have finished setting up your page you can save it as it is or you can save it as a template and re-use it later on. The only downside is that the Page Builder slightly interferes with the default WordPress admin bar however that can easily be fixed by disabling the admin bar in your User Profile or by toggling the zoom features which makes the whole page appear smaller and gives you better overview of the design. You can also switch between desktop mobile and tablet view to see how your design looks on various platforms. Options page WP Profit Builder comes with its own settings page where you can browse their extensive layout gallery and download any one of their pre-made layouts as well as customize other options such as typography and styling:

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Some Landing Pages included in WP Profit Builder

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What are the Pros of WP Profit Builder 1. Instant change feature- changes your page as you make changes on it instantly 2. Same framework as OptimizePress-Great intuitive design makes it easy to familiarize yourself with use of this product 3. Comes with a totally customizable THEME- Comes with a theme that you can totally customize to your liking and create an authority blog with for FREE 4. Get Developer rights privileges for only 67- I don’t care how you are that is an amazing deal to be able to give this product to your clients for FREE Like I said it was supposed to go away after product launch but never did Don’t know why but great for us 5. No yearly fees- With Optimizepress you pay 97 for the product with 30 annual fee. Profit builder is a one time buy with NO YEARLY FEES 6. Downloadable training videos- Downloadable training videos where Sean himself shows you how to use wp profit builder and theme. Great for giving to clients with your Developer rights privileges. 7. Great template designs- Comes with great pre-designed templates that makes creating great lead generating pages and sales pages simple and fast Installation is as simple as pressing a button 8. Easy to create opt- in pages and sales pages WITHOUT templates- Now I don’t say this with a lot of landing page and sales page products out there but it was VERY easy to build a page out of nothing and to my liking. I can pretty much build any kind of page I can image with this product. 9. Easy setup after purchase process- The setup of this product was VERY easy Just download and install on your wordpress. 10. Great integration with WordPress CMS- I have come across a couple of plugins like wp-optins for one that would change the look or mess up some other function of wordpress. This product integrated with wordpress VERY NICELY 11. Bonus marketing videos- bonus marketing training videos full of great marketing tips and advice 12. Product does receive updates- Product does receive regular updates to improve user experience. This is a free service unlike OptimizePress which charges around 30 a year

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What are the Cons of WP Profit Builder 1. It’s not free and cost 67 to own this product. 2. Getting product after purchase a minor pain- Yes after you purchase this product the process of getting the product is a small pain. Not bad though if you follow the steps at the top of this review Once you get to members page everything becomes EASY 3. Unusable stock images automatically upload to your media- This is annoying but not a deal breaker. Just delete the unusable stock images people places etc… and keep the ones you need email images divider images etc…. The pros of this product by far outweigh the cons Plus to get developer rights rights to give this product to your clients for free for only 67 is remarkable You really can’t beat this deal. Take it from me who is a cheap skate I loved this alternative to OptimizePress I was so happy when I got this plugin because I was looking for a great squeeze page plugin for around 50. I was going to go with OptimizePress which is 97 plus 30 a year but the profit builder plugin came to my attention and I loved it What to do Next … I think anyone who could benefit from higher conversion rates should consider a landing page plugin like WP Profit Builder. Specifically if you are…  Building an email list  Running an ecommerce site  A professional blogger  An online marketer  A product review Then a landing page plugin is an investment that could really save you time and boost your revenue. Is WP Profit Builder the right landing page plugin for you or should you try another OptimizePress another popular landing page plugin. I’ve tried it as well and really liked it. OptimizePress has fewer templates than WP Profit Builder out of the box but is an older and more established plugin with better documentation. It is quite a bit more expensive however and there are yearly fees if you want continued updates and support. In comparison WP Profit Builder is much less expensive and comes with a lot more templates.

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The cost will probably be the main issue for many people. If that’s your priority WP Profit Builder will save you a lot of money since it’s not only much cheaper but there are no yearly fees. I really have fallen in love with this product. It has helped with everything from my homepage to increasing my lead conversion and sales. This truly is one of those “Diamond in the rough” products that deserves your attention. Once again I have to bring the price into play here because that really is one of the best aspects about this whole product. 67 FOR DEVELOPER RIGHTS rights to give this product to your clients for free. If you are interested in checking out WP Profit Builder Click Here Clicking the link takes you to the WP Profit Builder page. You can see all the details features testimonials and videos about the product there. If for some reason the link doesn’t work copy and paste the following url into your browser: And of course they offer a full guarantee on the product just in case you were wondering That brings me to a conclusion… hope this information was useful. Remember where you heard about it… and feel free to pass this PDF on if you wish. Thanks and all the best… Hope this works for you Regards Donny Chuc

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